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There is no significance behind my name. I just signed up for a crunchyroll account a while ago, and all the names I wanted initially were taken. So I looked for something random, saw my pink fuzzy slippers, and typed that in. Seeing as it's fun and random, I decided to choose it for my name on this. I am also known as Falcon's Hyperdrive on FanFiction.net (see homepage link), where you can find other stories of mine. Updates will be irregular, as I have a habit of working on several stories at once, including my FanFics.

My policy on slash fiction: I will not write it, I will not read it, I will not favorite it, I will not put it on my alerts. If I do chance upon it, I will not flame it. If it turns into a slash fiction, I will stop reading it and cancel my story alert. I will never abuse you in any way for your views. That is not what a Christian should do. If you wish to see my elaboration, simply go here. If you do not, then I will borrow the mantra of slash writers: Don't like, Don't read.

Status of current and upcoming stories and their summaries: (updates are sporadic)

Implausible Deniability: In-progress. Chapter 9 being written.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/Romance

Setting: Present day, small town of Hillside, Colorado

Adele has no interest in boys. Then, at her new school, she meets a boy named Bryan, who reveals a hidden teasing nature. Of course, being like she is, she's not about to admit that she's developed a crush on the slightly flirtatious boy. She asks a friend for advice, and it is suggested she try to just be friends with the boy. So she decides to try that. What if, however, he's not content with that? How in the world, she wonders, is she going to survive the year, much less the month? And then there's the evil fangirls, and the repressed memories resurfacing . . . What a recipe for disaster.

As If I Had A Choice: Story idea; Not yet begun, but idea thought out a bit and beginning plot decided.

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Setting: Present day, unspecified city; 1700's, other world

The princess has been kidnapped by pirates while on the high seas. Her brother, Prince Elliot, vows to rescue her. That night, he falls asleep, and wakes up in present-day America, in an alley in a dark city. He is saved from being mugged by a young woman, who takes him to her apartment, as he has nowhere else to go. He's intrigued by Eve, who is kind to him even though she's unaware of his royal status. He finds out he's been transported 300 years into the future, to another world, and tells her of his serious problem - both of his current displacement and his sister's kidnap. She believes him, for a wonder, and promises to aid him in any way she can. After falling asleep, he wakes up again, back on his ship and thinking it was just a strange dream. Then he turns, and finds Eve sleeping beside him, totally unaware. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a cabin on a ship out at sea, far from land and her own world and time. Upon discovering that Elliot is a prince, she becomes even more confused and distraught. She decides to keep her promise, however, and decides she would have even if she wasn't stranded. So she embarks on an adventure to save a princess, avoid death by pirates and storms, and maybe even discover love.

You're Kidding Me, Right?: Upcoming; Chapter 1 written; Chapter 2 in progress.

Genre: Humor/Romance

Setting: Present day, small town of Darfur, Ohio

Kelsie Gardener, 16, grade 11, youngest of four, known to friends and family as Kelse, now has to play host to a 17-year-old foster kid named Darren. He switches between aloof and fun-loving and flirtatious in a heartbeat, and doesn't seem to mind having to live with the freaked-out girl. He is attracted to her from the very start, and follows her everywhere he can, be it the mall, school - where he is in the same grade as Kelsie - or church. Her friends find him very attractive, and Kelsie silently agrees, but it seems he has eyes only for her. Despite her own attraction toward him, Kelsie has no idea how she really feels about him, or what to do about Darren Sanders. Her college student brothers are no help whatsoever, as one seems to encourage a relationship between the two, and the other settles for death glares and interrogations. She already has enough to deal with at school, so how in the world is she supposed to handle this without falling apart first?

Paradox: Upcoming; Prologue and Chapter One written.

Genre: SciFi/Romance

Setting: Other world?/Future

Paradox - a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.

A group of five finds a room that is separated from the space-time continuum. When they restore it to reality, they find a young woman inside, suspended in stasis. When they wake her, they discover she is from twenty years in the future, from a time where the most horrible tyrant in history is in power. She came back to alter unspecified events, and to stop the dictator from rising to power. Though he has no clue about his terrible future, the young woman finds that one of her discoverers is the very man she has to fear. Thing is, he's completely different than in the future, and it is almost two months before he begins his rise to power. Can she find out what changed him and stop him before it's too late? In the future, he murdered her parents. Can she ignore this, see him for who he is now, and find it in her hardened heart to forgive him for something he hasn't done yet?

The Reclaiming: Upcoming; Revamp of older, unfinished story that never really got off the ground; Prologue and first chapter written.

Genre: Fantasy/Friendship

Setting: Other world

The Great Storm was the worst storm in Varralen in hundreds of years. In this midst of this tempest, a woman on the edge of Fae Forest is visited by a strange rider. Her purpose is simply one thing: to ask that the woman care for her child. Then the rider is gone, galloping upon her steed into the terrible night.

Fifteen years later, the child Arien is nearly sixteen, and both she and her mother think that she is just a normal human. Then they are visited by yet another rider, who claims to be Arien's cousin. She is, Arien discovers, an elf, and heir to the Elven Throne. Her true mother died in the Great Storm, fleeing from insurrectionists. The current High King, who has no true claim to the throne, had killed her father, and tried to do the same to her and her mother, but Arien was hidden away and her mother was killed by a falling tree instead. Due to a mystical event that takes place on the fifteenth birthday of a royal, "King" Erikor now knows she is alive, and is looking for her. He's close to discovering her, the cousin reveals, and it is time for her to reclaim the throne. So the three leave the farm, setting out for the Elven Palace and Arien's destiny as the Foretold Princess of the Fairy Realm. Along the way, they make various allies, the greatest of which are a former advisor and a band of dragons. With the help of these friends, and for them, will Arien be able to reclaim what is hers?

All the Way Home: Upcoming; Chapter 6 being written

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Present day/Ohio/Other world

A prophesy.

Lost Memories.

A mythic scroll.

A battle between good and evil.

A whole new world.

Aly is a normal girl, the daughter of a farmer. At least, that's what she thinks, until she turns seventeen and is taken away to the land of her birth . . . A land called Siaar. There, a war is raging between a self-styled queen and a rebel group calling themselves the Resistance. Both sides vie for her loyalty, but only Aly can choose which side she thinks is right.

Soon, she discovers that there is a prophesy in Siaar, and she's the only one who can stop the evil in the land. Problem is, she doesn't remember a thing about who she is, and she doesn't even know if she can trust everyone on the side she's chosen. As she learns more about herself and those around her, questions pile up. However, one thing is immediately certain: there's more to this puzzle than meets the eye.

Crimson Skies: Upcoming; Chapter 2 being written

Genre: Adventure/Mystery/Friendship/Romance?

Setting: Earth; an age where zeppelins rule the skies

It is 1945, but the world is not as we know it. World War Two is not in motion. Instead, zeppelins have flourished in the United States, now recovered from the Great Depression, and pirates have taken to the skies. One such group are the Robin Hoods of the modern age. The crew of the Crimson Skies will do much for those oppressed by the Elite, but what will happen when they themselves get caught up in a web of intrigue?

Jacob Hatch, the young captain of this do-good pirate crew, thinks he is taking on just another crew member. Sasha “Kid” Porter is six years younger than him at the age of twenty, but is an excellent pilot and an expert at antiquities. How was he to know that she is the one who stowed away aboard his zeppelin four years ago and left behind the silver locket which rests in a case on his desk?

Sasha Long knows this move is dangerous, joining a crew that warred against other pirates and the Elite, of which she herself came from. But in her search for her parents' killer, and the reason why they were murdered, as well as why this person is after her, she recognizes that she needs more skill and experience than she already has. She also needs her locket, and as much information as she can get on the incident at Long Mansion. The Crimson Skies can give her that. Now, she need only carry on with her plan, while doing her best to keep her new friends out of the mess she's landed herself in. She can do nothing, however, about the secrets unearthed and dangers revealed. The crew of the Crimson Skies looks out for its own, but the stakes are raised when they are shown to be in as much trouble as the one who got them into this. Soon, her own secret will come to the open, and a mystery that has plagued the crew for four years will be solved as an enemy they knew not is revealed. What will happen in the face of this, however? Will they stand united once more?

Or divided, will they fall?

Here We Come A'Wassailing: Story Idea; no major plot decided

Genre: Crime/Suspense/Mystery

Setting: Modern-day; Somerset, STATE, US

Two men are dead, shot three times each in the chest. Based on the ropes binding their wrists, and the state of their bodies, they had been tortured prior to being killed. The only connection anyone can find is that they, with several others, participated in the old practice of wassailing, an act in which rowdy boys burst into the homes of rich people and demanded food. As investigators dig deeper, they discover quaint old Somerset isn't as calm and sheltered as it first appears. Something terrible is going on behind closed doors. Investigators know they must find out what, and quickly, and those who want no part in what's coming should get out before it's too late.

Will have Crimson Skies artwork up on my deviantART account soon. Here's my profile:

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