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Hey ya'll.

My name is Jessica and i'm just a regular girl form the cold frigid Canadian plains. I love to read, write and mess around with words. MY favorite books are based on fantasy, or romance. Werewolves play a major role in my dreams and thoughts.

I hope dearly that you like my books, when i get them up. Even if you don't really like them I would really really really appreciate and love reviews. I want to get better at my writing and i'll never be able to do that without your guys's help. So please review.

Currently i'm working on an un titled Fantasy/Romance novel. Any title idea's email me, i'd love to hear them.

My other project is Corruption. A werewolf, drama, romance, action type novel. Its barely begun and i hope my mind will allow it to thrive. Lol

Aside from writing I have a crazy love for horses. I own 2 of my own.

A Fjord/Arab named Ben and a POA/QH named Watson. They are my life and i love them.


Well I a gonna try and work on Corruption and finish it. Grade 11 is over and my show season has been canceled so depsite a full time job I should have time and energy to write...hopefully. I'd love to hear what you guys want changed in what I have, trying not to make it to cheesy but it probably will be.

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Eyes Like Ice by AnneAlysse reviews
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