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Greetings to the Avid Reader

Authoress News:

3/20: I know, I know: I'm a horrible authoress. Wah. But! I am working on my stories. Truly, I am! But I've been sick lately and trying to catch up in my work (doesn't help my Chem teacher is a completely moron). I have two tests I have to make up on monday AND my Plot Bunnies have multiplies. I think they're breeding in secret...but something good has been born. I'm thinking of uploading a new story BUT! I'm gonna update OWR first. And get a few chapters out before I decide to actually post it up.

Me. Myself. I.

Female. Teenager. Straight. Average.

Icon? Pretty little ladybug on a flower. Color-splash. =Found on Photobucket, do NOT own=

Purple. Anime. Books. Writing. Nature. Traveling. Grinning (not smiling). The phrase 'nyhaha'. Emoticons. Rain. Spring. Volleyball. Badminton (its so geeky, its cool). Sweets. Sarcasm. Polite-ness. Learning. English. Puns. Grahic Tees. Music. Quotes. Family. Friends. Birthdays. Christmas. God. Jesus. Pro-choice. Opinions. Playgrounds. Fruit (om nom nom). Carbs (read: bread).

Humidity. Yellow. Too much puncutation. Text-speak. Cruelty. Abuse. Ignorance. Drawing (love looking at it, though). Running. Wrestling. Body-building. Bench-pressing. Economics. Slasher movies. Homophobes. Narrow minds. Too-tight clothes. Hairspray. Allergies. Green Vegetables. Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. Illness. War.

Still reading? Okay.

My leading ladies will almost always be short, have dark curly hair, and be somewhat of a handful. Shall not change. Sorry to those who like variety in their heorines. I am not the offer-er of such things. But I do have wonderful boys tucked in the plots =)

I am a teenage girl. I have mood swings and am, at times, insufferably lazy. Not to mention a horrible procrastinator. Updates? Yeah, they won't be regular, though I do try.

I swear. Commonly. And so, as a result, there will be swearing within my stories. Though I will try not to drop the 'F' Bomb too often. (such an intriguing word though; it's a noun, a verb, and...probably some other grammar-related thing all in one).

Also, because of my age, my characters tend to be closer to the teenage variety. Though, in one of my upcoming stories, our leading lady is eighteen. Yay =D

Personal Philosophy: "Be the change you wish to see in the world (quoted from Ghandi)." Also, love knows no gender. Just saying.

I reside:

FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/~3DarkLove3
Twitter: http://twitter.com/3DarkLove3


(In Progress)

One Wild Ride:
Category: Romance
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Synopsis: "Eight ex-friends, two onlookers, one hippie van, one summer, one road trip: one chance to right all the wrongs. And thirteen states to fix everything before Senior Year. "What happened to us?" "High School. High School happened to us."
Status: In Progress. No, I have not given up on it. But I am trying to fix the mess of events (light sewn together with states and ideas) that is my plot.
Progress: Chapter 6 up! (6/??)
Next Chapter: 50 percent

-The Hippie Van! I know you all want to see it XD. Just minus the amazing raindbow scheme. And the giant face...:


Blood of Faerie:
Category: Fantasy
Genre: Romance/Horror
Synopsis: "Willow Way, New Zealand: a small town lacking importance. But under the shroud of normalcy, a war is brewing. And a teenage girl is thrown into the mix with the sexy Faerie Knight who's intent on protecting her. Normalcy's thrown away; embrace the chaos."
Status: On Hiatus. I have no plot. I have no clue what is going on in this story. I'm clueless. So I don't feel right putting up a story that I'm completely lost with. I have the prologue up, just in case anyone decides to steal anything, but I removed the first chapter. Sorry all. =/


(Future Projects)



You'll have a million chances, hundred of friends, and a dozen loves: but you only have one life, so live it up, drink it down, and ignore the bullshit because it isn't worth your time. --Anonymous

If tylonel, band-aids, and duct tape can't fix it, you have a serious problem my friend. --Anonymous

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, than sit back and let the world wonder how you did it. --Anonymous

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Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the hero it needs right now. So we'll hunt him…because he can take it. Because he's not our hero; he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector…a dark knight. --Gary Oldman, The Dark Knight

If chocolate comes from beans...than it must be a vegetable. --Anonymous

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to scream with the thunder, run with the lightning, and dance with the rain. --Anonymous

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Best Friends: they know how stupid you are and still chose to be seen in public with you. --Icon

At times the world can seem an unfriendly and sinister place. But believe us when we say there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events, may in fact, be the first steps of a journey. --Emily Browning A Series of Unfortunate Events

You shouldn't have to sacrifice who you are just because someone else has a problem with you. --Anonymous

I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful. I sin, but I'm not the Devil. I'm good, but I'm not an Angel. --Marilyn Monroe

I'm ready to be the girl I used to be; the one who never cried, never got mad about d u m b things, and the one girl who would never worry about being in love. --Anonymous

I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'll FIGHT for what I LOVE. --Anonymous

Love me or hate me; I'm still gonna shine. --Anonymous

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You've got enemies? Good; that means you've stood up for something in your l i f e. --Eminem

You know you're in love when you can't fall a s l e e p because reality is finally better than your dreams. --Dr. Seuss

A broken heart is like a broken mirror; it's better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it. --Anonymous

Everybody wants to be happy. Nobody wants to be in pain. But you can't have a rainbow without the rain. --Anonymous

When the other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I kind of wanted to be a vampire. --Anonymous

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Do you wanna know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all the…little emotions. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So, in a way, I knew your friends better than you ever did. … Would you like to know which of them were cowards? --Heath Ledger (R.I.P.), The Dark Knight

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. --Aaron Eckhart, The Dark Knight

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Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. --William Shakespeare

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There we go again. Old men and their stupid arguments. What a pain. --Hitsugaya Toushiro, Bleach ep. 24

Oh, well, thank God for e-mail! You can have a whole realtionship with some without ever seeing them! E-mails, guys, really? That's lame. --America Ferrea, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

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One Wild Ride reviews
Eight ex-friends, two onlookers, one hippie van, one summer, one road trip: one chance to right all the wrongs. And thirteen states to fix everything before Senior Year. "What happened to us?" "High School. High School happened to us."
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 19,587 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 5/28/2009 - Published: 3/28/2009
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Willow Way, New Zealand:a small town lacking importantance. But under the shroud of normalcy, a war is brewing. And a teenage girl is thrown into the mix with the sexy Faerie Knight who's intent on protecting her. Embrace the chaos **ON HIATUS**
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,806 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 5/22/2009 - Published: 5/2/2009
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