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About the Author

My name is Vermillion-Skies. I am a new "upcoming" author I guess you could say. I have big dreams for my first novel Phobia. It's always been my dream to get it finished and published and I believe that with the help of some people on here I may be closer to that dream than I think.

Because I'm new to this site I would like to say I'd appreciate all critisims and comments people would like to make as long as they are constructive. If you don't like the views or beliefs expressed in my stories please feel free not to read them. Thank you so much!


This is my first story, it's one that I've been working on for a while and maybe, although not soon, it will be published. I So I'm basically putting it up on here just to see how people like it and how I can improve. Like I said above all comments, so long as they are constructive, are greatly appreciated.

A quick summary...

Something dark and dangerous is stalking the small town of Sterling, Indiana. People are dissapearing and the police can't explain it. Somehow Kathleen Livingston finds herself mixed up in all of this, and it all starts when she gets a new neighbor. A neighbor who can do unexplainable things that no ordinary human should be able to even think about doing. So what's with this new neighbor and how does he do all of these unexplainable things? Well we shall soon see.

Yes I know horrid summary, sorry about that I'm pretty fresh to the whole thing. But here's a little tid bit for ya.

“What are you?” I asked peeking shyly through my thick eyelashes. Nicholas bent his face down to mine. He was taller than me by a considerable amount. My heart beat madly out of my chest as he closed the distance between our bodies. He put his lips gently next to my ear. “Are you sure you want to know?” his voice held a note of danger. I gulped contemplating my answer. I squared my shoulders, flashing my eyes boldly to his. “Y-yes,” I said trying to keep the air of panic out of my voice.

Oh and btw, if ya'll like what you read and you want me to write more just tell me otherwise I'm not going Cause I won't think you guys like it so there will be no point to write more so if you want more you have to ask for it. sorry kids. Oh and also if your going to review please put some constructiveness (is that a word?) in it thanks you.

Oh and Btw. All character and places in Phobia are copyrighted to me !! Any reproduction or illegal use of them is illegal and punishable by LAW !!

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