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Ho hum... it seems I have a visitor... Oh, ah ha, please do come in, come in! Yes, watch that last step there, it's a doozy, or so they say.

Well away now, stranger, what brings you to my humble abode? Do you seek knowledge? How's about power? I'm sure you can find the former 'round here somewhere, but alas, the latter is rather hard to locate. Well, at least it is for me. You'll have to search elsewhere for that one! Or perhaps not, some people say knowledge is power. This could be true, they do seem to walk hand in hand quite often. I like to see it as being more the power of choice; of using the information you've gained... or not.

I see you looking around at all of these books. Stacks upon stacks of them, shelved neatly and kept dusted and dry. It is a bit chilly in here, for books need a cool, dry environment if one were to try and make them last a while. I'm sure you've noticed that most libraries are air conditioned almost year round... Woops, please excuse my ramblings, do follow me.

Whoo, here we are, take a seat, c'mon, don't be shy! Here, sit by the fire, where it's nice and warm. You can have that rocking chair over there, or if you wish, a pillow to sit upon the floor with. There's also a stool and a big ol' cushiony chair around here somewhere.

Oh! Forgive me, I've been a rude host! Let me get you a drink and something to snack on. What would you like? I've an assortment of things, for I enjoy a great many treats. Just tell me what you'd like, I'm sure to have it. Uh huh, yes, yes. Will do! Be right back.

Okay... there you go... Are you comfortable? Warm? I hope all's to your liking? Well now... let's get started, shall we? I saw you peering all about at those stories, bound in leather and hide, hidden in the many layers and folds of paper. I know the reason you've come here.

You wish for a tale!

I know not how you've come to this place, nor how you found it, but please be at peace here and enjoy what it has to offer. In exchange, if you'd like, you could tell me about your own travels and adventures. Sing me a song, spell me a poem,give me a good telling, I care not how it's given. And if you prefer to simply sit and relax, to lose yourself in something other than your own life, then that is quite alright. Respite from our own cares and worries are needed from time to time, a moment to step back and forget. If you find anything you'd like changed or perhaps touched up a bit, don't be shy about speaking up. Stories get better as time flows by, for then they've had many people hear them and work on them. No story is truly complete, for they are all works in progress. There are just too many people out and about in the world with their own interpretations to really call a story finished. So settle down there and listen at your leisure as I spin you a yarn like a many, yet no other.

Let it all just, fade away...

Name: Kanashimi, Teisei (identity is a sense of self and I would hate to loose that!)

Age: Twenty-two! A year older, a year wiser? (I'm still rather short and soft of feature, so many people still think I'm between the ages 14-18. They rarely, if ever, guess my true age. Needless to say, I get carded, more often than not.)

Gender: I wonder if one could guess another's gender through their writing style? I'm not sure, not unless what's written says so blatantly. Ah well, enough dodging around: Female is me and proud to be!

Orientation: What a silly question! Does it really matter? One loves who they love, it can't be helped! Nature, nurture, what have you. One has only a single mortal life to live, so live it the way you want and to it's fullest! If nothing else, live to the best of your capabilities.

Location: Here, there, I'm all around and still moving, so it's never the same. Ever adrift. Thus, there's no point in putting this down, now is there? sweet smile

Update (2011): Well, I've been absent a while due to Life, but I do hope to add more. I've relocated three times in the past two years and am currently in a state of limbo for the fourth move. As I said, I'm not in one place for any extended amount of time. A lonely lifestyle, if there ever was one...

Well, I think I've covered all the basics. I s'pose I could add more to it later, if I can think of anything else to put down.

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