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Hi!! i'm luv and i have a sarcastic disposition... some ppl think it's a bad thing, but i think it's funny.

so, i really would put a story up, but my comp is being mean & wont let me get on word, so i'm having issues.

also, i'm looking for some new bands, anyone hav any ideas, email me.

i luv to write otherwise i wouldn't be on here but i hav about as much confidence in my writing as a rock has in it's flying, so, yeah...

i'll try to get the comp to straighten out, but it'll take a while. it doesn't exactly lik me much, so i'll hav to try another comp. sry...

so, here are the things i like:

vampires, werewolves, evanesence, fall out boy, jeff dunham, freddy krugar, jason vorheis, horror movies, faery, fairies, texting, annoying my brother, evil creatures of the night, all the things that go bump in the night they're some of my best friends, dane cook, dragons, dungeons, hand cuffs kinky!, moving around, being me, singing randomly, oooooh, and puppies!


i'm betting on alice twilight icon

oh, crap! i ran into my door again! me

i have a flat spot on my

YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!! dane cook


if ur reading this, thx!!

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