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Updated 27/12/10 (UTC -5) - Hello there, to all my friends and whatnot the such and more. I've not touched my profile since a midsummer's night gleam. Too bad that "I might despise Shakespeare". However, I have been actively reading this site and have found some good reads, which I've put in my alerts. For those of you who have found the first chapter of my RELATIVELY new story, "A Master and No Slave" (still need to add the "A" in there), don't worry, as of right now, I'm currently procrastinating in my writing the second chapter, which means I'm writing this crap out on my profile. Don't worry, I will update in only hours. I hope. I have been getting a considerably large amount of reviews for my first real attempt at a story and I thank those that do so, I truly do. I also hope you appreciate the responses back (most of which I have typed on the go, i.e. at school, on the bus, at a cafe, in bed before I nap in the afternoon and at my cousin's house when I stay over). So yeah, I hope that explains myself. I'll be very active in this community for at least in the near future.

I am one of the minority on FictionPress/FanFiction, I am a straight male teenager (not that I'm against gays, but that having that contingency of having my writing style pegged on sexuality, well, yeah. Sorry to be judgmental). Asian, no less. I've been having all these story ideas lately and they keep prodding me in the head. So, I considered setting foot on here. And I did. I've had this account for a couple of years, I believe, if not, encroaching that mark. If you look at my avatar, you'll see me. Let me say that it was not worth every megapixel to take this picture, because I look stupid.

So, writing. I sorta like it. I like reading kinda better, 'cause you don't have to pick up a pen and write or sit on the keyboard and type... with your toes, nah, kiddin'. It'd be impossible since your butt would be in the way, anyways. But the downside to reading is that most of the time, around here, you don't get to hold the reins and tell that character to choose option X. Writing is my release from my thoughts and nothing else. Not stress, not life, just my writing ideas and storyboard runs. They bug me like hell. It sorta feels good, if you have the time to do it and the willpower, it doesn't if you don't have either. Most of the time, it's the former for me. As for my writing style, I have previously honed my wordsmithing to the likes of Keith Olbermann (his Special Comments are eloquently expressed, mind politics) and to my own expanding vocabulary (when I was in all of elementary school, I used to expand my vocab list by a mile and adding words I heard from somewhere and wanted to know more and more and more and more and maybe a little bit less than that, but more).

More recently, I have been following the work of Lainiee and Lucky's saga of pain, aptly titled, So I Was Hit By A Car The Other Day which is a great read and a hefty one, too. Still expanding, also. I've also read Soccer Dude's Seraphim and I have to say, the action and detail and suspense fit into this neat package. I'm not too sure myself, but I believe I've taken a good bit of their styles into account when I write. I still have this unique tang of instant humor and stupidity, on occasion. Look forward to those.

I tend to go down the list of the Manga genre here. Really like going deep down into longer and more developed stories or ones that just intrigue me with just concept and execution alone. Often, I will find myself reading quite a bit of shorter M-rated stories here (you know, with secks and all), but the majority of the time spent here is on edgy, striking stuff and humor. I tend to avoid Supernatural and Horror stories and I usually don't come here to read poems. I despise lists and songfics. Ta-da.

My FanFiction account is by the same name, FakeFiction. I am heavily bent on Vocaloid stories over there. I am not too involved as of now of writing stories over there. I usually am idle on that account over there. There's a huge fat pig over there. It's flying over the moon over there. It's getting all weird over, you know what, I'm done with this section.

I return ALL reviews on my stories and if you're lucky enough to have me review your story, you know that I've read it and think that it's pretty damn good. I might despise Shakespeare, but I know good modern literature when I see it, thank you very much. I also hope to get reaction from all of you in the near future for all the writing I'm undertaking. It isn't fun taking away free time from which I could sleep on. But I do it out of sheer desire. Thanks a lot, review and enjoy.

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College Application Essay reviews
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