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Name I go by: Genevieve Harris. so, it's my real name. -GRIN-

I can't wait to post up my far-along but no quite finished, but totally planned out, story: Wars of the Night. I absolutely love it and am working so hard on it. I don't expect a bunch of reviews; it seems too much to hope for, since mostly users on here just post their stories, read others, but never review. BAD HABIT people. It discourages the future writers. Truth.

Gender: Female.

Age: almost 18. My birthday is on December 16th, so 10 - wait, 9 days since it's after midnight that I'm writing this profile - and I absolutely can't wait.

You know how you start out as friends and every
little joke is hilarious? Then everything he does annoys
the heck out of you? Then finally, one day,
you look at yourself and think, "Wow, I fell in love."

My Likes: FICTIONPRESS AND FANFICTION!! Facebook (I keep in touch with EVERYONE I'VE EVER FRICKEN KNOWN on there. It's crazy.), sometimes (but only if I'm in the design-ey mood) Myspace, my Proboards-Warriors-RPG (based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Still a work in progress to get everything set up. JOIN THOUGH IF YOU LIKE WARRIORS!! It'll be done soon, I promise! I have WiFi at my house now, so it'll be MUCH easier to finish it ((and ALL, LIKE 500 of my stories - FF and FP alike - but some just for myself to know about until I choose to divulge the awesome-ness of my writing. lol.)) and it'll be great, I (((also))) promise.) --Wow! that was a lot of parentesses (Spelling? I really don't feel like looking it up... I'm in my nice warm bed with my cat and a bunch of papers, books and such, piled - not in any organized manner - around me and it would take eons to move everything and get out of bed to go grab the damn dictionary. WAIT. I could go on the internet for the spelling! But, I'm lazy to do that too... what a waste of life I am... and how slow on the uptake.--

Okay, that was a lot of narration up there! So, let me continue with my "likes" down here where it's not so damn crowded: Clothes shopping, and especially SHOES!, music (I can't write - or do much of anything - without listening to music. It's pah-thet-ick. But, whatever. I digress. But - I don't have an iPod or anything so I just use Pandora Internet Radio. IT'S AWESOMETASTIC.), video games (for the Wii - Mario Kart!! it's just so dang fun to put it on versus and change the amount of cup races to 32!! and sit there and race the suckahs who suck ((unlike me)) until I get 480 points (((that's first place in every race!! I SO RULZ!! which takes like 4 hours. NO JEST. and for Playstation 2 - Kingdom Hearts I and II. (I SUCK at KH1 - unlike KH2 or cough Mario Kart cough - KH1 is just so dang hard! AND THERE ISN'T EVEN A 'BEGINNER' MODE, UNLIKE KH2!! And NO I didNOT plat KH2 on 'beginner'! I played on normal. SO HAH!!) So, yeah; I don't really play any other video games, except for Sims, which is a PC game. WHATEVER. But, that can't stop me from being addicted to it!!) Gum. Musicals. PURSES. Playing with my hair. Redecorating my 3 bulletin boards (I do this once a month at LEAST). Reading. (DUH!!) Writing (DOUBLE DUH)

Okay, WAY TOO MUCH MORE UNNECESSARY NARRATION. You guys don't need my life story... if you're even reading this. harrharr. I'll stop with the 'likes' for now. The DISlikes, will have more narration, so BEWARE if you aren't up to reading my LIFE STORY, and/or PREPARE YOURSELF if you are up to it. lol. They are after the loverly quote.

No matter how hard you try to get over someone, you will still have some sort of feelings for them, remembering the way things used to be, and how they are now, and sometimes you hope that the new person in their life was still you, and everything was how it used to be, erasing all the bad things that happened. Time is supposed to make things better, but in love, it doesn't. Although we have been apart for a while, and now have different loves in our lives, I can't help but wonder how your life is, and when i catch you glancing at me, I can't help but wonder if your heart beats a little faster, as mine does when i look at you.

My Dislikes: Snickers.NOOO!! DON'T KILL MEHH! I just hate peanuts in candy at all, let alone chocolate (but I do love zeh chocolate by itself, or with carmel, or crunchy stuff OR OOOOOH! Marshmellows!! --drools--), uh.. what else don't I like? (thinks of 5 billion things in 5 seconds) I hate bees. I got stung a billion times by a swarm when I was 6, and almost died, because it was then whene the doctors discovered I was deathly allergic; I am amazed on how I survived that one!. Socks. I like my feet all nice and airy in the breeze. My CONSTANTLY COLD HANDS. Nuff said. Ummm... SPIDERS. I know that they're good for the world and all... the whole 'if we didn't have spiders the world would be covered in swarms of insects... blah blah BLAH.' I don't care. I still don't like them, but I'm NOT afraid of them. Another one? hmmm, wet clothes. ICK. extreme temperatures. I like it RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE THANK YOU VERY MUCH. There's more, but my fingers are becoming sluggish and hurt a lot. They'll probably bleed soon. We can't have that now, can we?

Sometimes youre afraid to become a couple because you are afraid of losing what you already have with each other, but life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Dont be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have or even could have had.

In every girls life, there will always be those three
guys. The one she loves, the one she hates, and the
one she can't get enough of. But in the end, they're all the
same guy.

he's so confusing;; some of the things
he says to me make me believe that he really
does like me, and then some of the other
things he says make me believe that i'm one
of those girls that never cross his mind

So we locked ourselves in your car, got lost in each other's eyes. We sang to the radio. He whispered in her ear and she'd laugh at his silly jokes, even if they were pointless. He'd grab her hand and not let go. He had no idea how happy it made her. She'd rest her head on his shoulder, close her eyes, listen to their song while he kissed her forehead. She memorized the touch of his lips. She didn't want to leave anytime soon. And he'd give her his jacket when she told him she was cold. It would be 3 in the morning, but they'd still be tangled in each other. She knew he was something special. It was different how he moved her because when he told her 'goodnight', to her it still felt like 'hello'.

And ultimately, he's going to find out...
how you chew,
how you sip,
how you hum,
how you dance,
how you smell at every point in the day.
The fact that most of your friends are shallow.
That you hate sitting in an aisle seat,
how you sometimes can't seem to listen,
how you get hyper when you travel,
how certain games or shows make you really happy,
how you get cranky because you're too stupid to remember to sleep, how you don't like the way you look in most of your pictures, how you can't get off the phone when you're late
because you don't want to sound like you don't care,
how you have no ability to save receipts...
He's going to know all of it;
everything about you, he's going to know.
And he's still going to love you

You want to know what I love most about us?
I love how comfortable we are with each other
I love how we can endlessly crack on each other
but never take the teasing to heart. I love how
you laugh like a little boy when Im tickling you.
I adore how when I walk away from you when
were fighting, you try to stay mad at me but
then you run after me for the fear of losing me.
I love you & everything about you. the look in
your puppy dog brown eyes when we kiss or
sometimes when I fall asleep on you & you
stay up & watch me. I love how I can call
you anytime I need to & you never
cease to make me smile.

i want a boy..
who would shove ice cream in my face.
who will wrestle with me.
who shows me off to his friends and family.
who treats me with respect.
who will call me at four in the morning,
to tell me he can't stop thinking about me
who sings to me, even if he can't.
who could break my heart
but wouldn't dream of it.

yeah, they talk about her she just smiles like she's
so tough and says 'hey, can you talk a little louder?
i don't think my heart is broken enough"

Okay, here is one of my current stories:

- - - - - - - Wars of the Night

PLEASE READ!! Pwease? I'll give you cookies! -PUPPY DOG POUT-

And review too.

And here are my current stories I'm working on but aren't posted on FictionPress yet:

- - - - - - - Ask Angela

- - - - - - - Guardians of the Elemental Jewels

- - - - - - - Vampriss

- - - - - - - How to Save a Life

- - - - - - - Music Notes

- - - - - - - Late Night Texting

- - - - - - - Love Is So Crazy, It Just Might Work

- - - - - - - Spellbound and Weave

- - - - - - - The Fallen Angel

So! There yah have it! If you want descriptions on any of my stories, email me at: [email protected]

and I'll tell you about them! Love to get your insight!

-KISSES- Genevieve

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