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Hello meat bags. (I've always wanted to say that)

Theres not much about me, and I can never get my thoughts down about myself correctly anyways. But I can ramble. Oh how I can ramble. I have a gold medal in rambling. Well here goes.

-I have a thing for gay guys. They amuse me. Hehehe.

-I have a retarded name that most people can't spell correctly. (Sometimes I even make mistakes with it)

-I am random as hell.

-Sometimes I really do think I have ADD. ADHD actually.

-I am a grammar nazi.

-I am very accident prone (which results in hilarious stories later on)

-I used to have a good gaydar but now its on the fringe.

-I am addicted to piercings. 'Specially in my head (ears) 'cause hey, my brain need to breathe too.

-I tend too talk to fast. But that shows that my brain works faster than normal (really)

-I love reptiles and slimy crawly things.

-My pets have the most unique names ever. EVER.

-I like my cereal soggy and my pizza cold.

-I am one of the first of my kind... a non-alcoholic Russian. Be amazed. No pictures.

-I live in a small town, perhaps you've heard of it? New York City. Doubt it though.

-I never sleep. Sleep is for quitters.

-I love freaking people out.

-I am anti-social. And I love video games. So careful I might shoot you.

-I love my friends. They're awesome. Even though they can't spell.

-I have a snake named Mr.Waffles. He's awesome. And like me, hates most people.

-I have a turtle named Blade (As in the vampire hunter! DIE VAMPIRES DIE!!)

-I have a hamster her name is M.Shads.

-I have a cat named Alice (in wonderland)

-I'm going to hell,and I'm okay with that.

-My Xbox 360 is gay. In the literal term. His name is Antonio, he's having a love affair with my PS1 (he likes older men) Charlie.

-I can be a compulsive liar, but I never lie to my real friends.

-I want to learn to surf. But New York isn't known for surfing.

-I can't skateboard, and resent all the little kiddies who actually can.

-I like snow in theory, but it slows down mass transit, and where I'm from thats no good.

-I hate pigeons. Damn rats on wings!

-I like my music loud and my men gay.

-I am frequently told I have no shame...or a soul. Wonder if that goes hand in hand?

-Little children and the mole people are plotting to take over the world. S'okay though, I'm planning too.

-I am convinced I'm not from this planet, and any minute now the mothership is going to take me back home.

-My favorite word is anachronism, because it sounds like anarchy.

-Anarchists molest me.

-I don't believe in silent letters, so pneumonia is p-ni-mo-ni-ya

-I am a pyromaniac. Fire

-I overuse the word 'awesome'

-My name is Kal Ander. My parents thought they were funny. Or maybe on drugs.

-But then again maybe its not, I am a compulsive liar.

Over in all who am I? I'm a Martian named Kal Ander. But you can call me Skittles.

Jenn is slave driver. Thank her for it. Vile vile woman.

The Evils of Monday reviews
Mondays are a horrible way to start the week. First mom threatens an exorcism on innocent Dom. Then the guys think it'd be funny to release a demon from his prison,and now throw in a pissed Guardian Angel into the mix. Mondays should really be illegal.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,051 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 1/27/2009 - Published: 1/20/2009