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June 25th 2010 3:29 PM

Plushie: Wow. We're totally inactive.

March 9th 2009 5:58 PM


Okay...I'm just going to come right out and say it: OMG I'M SO SORRY FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN MY SHOUT-OUT CONTEST BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO CHOOSE A WINNER...because only two people responded...and it didn't really seem me at least, so I'm really sorry because your time and effort was kinda pointless, but hey, you gave the world more stories and you got great feedback from what I saw. So uh...I'm gonna be smart and not have another contest until I'm over this utter humilation and embarassment and when more people consider it worthwhile to respond to

So once again, I'm really sorry. Really, really, really sorry. Please don't shoot me...


Feb 1st 11:56 AM


Plushie has been updating a lot, and I didn't even know. o.o

Hiyaz!! As a Birthday present... Please Leave Some Reviews for Our Stories!!


UPDATE (12/23/08 3:00 PM)
Coriander Bloom:

We've got a Deviantart account, ~IN-Productions.
So far we've only have randomly awesome photos, but we'll get to adding the pics of characters.
Please check it out :D


The Human Plushie:

Just in case you guys don't notice what's right in front of you, we're Instant Noodles Productions. There are three of us (which, by the way, means three times the spazzing; that was a warning for you guys), as you should conclude from the 'we'.

Right now, it's only me, and since I don't wish to disclose my real name, I'll call myself The Human Plushie. Okay, that sounds cool. The other two can do whatever they want with their names later...when they find what I've done so far...

One more point; we're all ASIAN!! Which, as much as other people try to deny, is the best thing anyone can be .

Plushie out.

PS I may be refered to as RP


Coriander Bloom: It sure sounds normal, doesn't it? MUAHAHAHA!! Are you in for a surprise!!

Codename Alpha: YellowSuperGlue

Alliance of the freaks Codename: EvilPencilSharpener

Convent of Procrastination Codename: Kira Jinxwood

Misc Codename: WeirdlyxObsessedxCrazyxChick

All my aliases. Many, indeed.

Reporting for duty! Self-introduction, this one is the weirdest of the group. The others can vouch for me, twas me, I say!!
Asian, yet not FOB, I am. Ain't that awesome?

Yes. I am a dashing beauty in the prime of my youth with long flowing ebony hair, stunning and mysterious. Bow down before this goddess!!
Every chick's wish, dare I say.

I am actually an elderly hag with moles and a hunched back. I talk with crows and live in caves cursing princesses.
Which one am I? Figure it out yourself. (Hint hint) I'm amazing.



Alias #1: Linda

Alias #2: Darkness_Embraced

Alias #3: Arthemis

Alias #4: Demented_Mermaid


Alias #6" Uke.Yuu (The one i will be going by.)









Plushie: Okay, so now that you've met us (quite frankly, I'm suprised that you're still here), we can start. What we have so far are short stories of things we make up on the spot and a soap opera of the most random gods and goddesses that we think of. Have fun reading and we'll see ya later.

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