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Hello. --

So. I haven't been on Fictionpress except to browse stories and (sometimes) review them in...just about forever.

Um, oops?

Sorry. To everyone that's read my stories before...I really am sorry for completely disappearing on you guys. It was terrible and completely un-called for, and I feel horrible about it. I didn't mean to...I just have issues with staying on things for very long. And to be honest, I really can't promise I'll stay on for very long this time either.

So that's why this time, I'll only put on finished pieces or bunches of drabbles on here. That's what I've decided. So that way I won't disappoint people by not updating fast enough (or ever) but I'll still get that feedback I need for my writing. There. Problem solved. Kinda.

Ashes In The Brook --

So I never gave up on it, like I'm sure all of you thought. I just...grew to hate it. I started writing it just for Fictionpress, instead of writing just because I want to, and that definitely showed in the quality of my writing. It just wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. So...I stopped writing it for a while.

And then of course had an epiphany.

I got a whole new idea for the story -- with the same characters, just more of who they were than Ashes In The Brook ever had. It MIGHT be up on here eventually (no promises) but I don't know about that. But I definitely like this version a LOT better. It's called siNe QuA nOn (yes, with the random capitals). Sine qua non = something essential. It's freakin' perfect for the story. Which you guys might be able to actually see sometime. (If I actually end up starting it, let alone finishing it.)

I'll still be keeping it on here, to see the constructive criticism from readers, -- but it's just not going to be updated.

So, yeah. Now that that's all over with, I guess I should put something on here about me as a person:

Hey. M'name's sliver of silver 101. Oh, yeah. It's SLIver of SILver. Like, a little bit of silver? Yeah. It's not silver of silver, thanks. That's just dumb. Anyway -- continuing. I'm a junior in high school (yes -- with all those issues such as college and SATs and AP tests breathing down my neck) and I live in Pennsylvania. Why is this important? Cuz it'll tell you how incredibly boring my life is. If I lived in Philly, maybe it'd be better. But I don't. So yeah. My life's pretty boring. And I want to get away.

Maybe live in New York City or something. That's pretty much my favorite place in the world, except for India.

Guess I should mention that. I'm Indian. From India. I used to be a Hindu until I decided I was atheist. (I also decided I was agnostic a little bit after that, but as for now, I'm on the edge between atheist and agnostic.)

So I love to paint and draw; there's never any other time I feel as happy as when I've got Pandora blasting and I'm painting. I also love to write -- obviously. I like alternative music, found a newly discovered love for The Breakfast Club, and I like washing dishes.

My favorite time of day is that time when you're lying on your bed, just about to go to sleep and your mind wanders all over the place and you find yourself thinking about everything.

My favorite song is (I'm embarrassed to say) Welcome To My Life, by Simple Plan. I love them. I know that musically, they're TERRIBLE, but to me, they just take all the angst in my life and stick it in their songs. I love 'em.

My favorite quote is "Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the RAIN."

My favorite colors are the blue of the sky at that certain height on a cloudless day, that golden glow everything gets when the sun's about to set, and then, of course, lime green.

The love of my life is the sky. "You can never have too much sky" -- The House On Mango Street.

I love bad boys. They're kind of my favorite thing in the world. Any guy that likes heavy music, can play the guitar, and has an angst-filled back story, I pretty much fall in love with. Even if he's fictional. ESPECIALLY if he's fictional.

I love water. I used to want to waterbend when I was little. Who the hell am I kidding -- I still want to waterbend. Yay Avatar.

I want to be a psychologist in a juvenile detention center when I grow up. Or a graphic designer. Or a quantum physicist. Or an entrepreneur. Or a humanitarian, majoring in global studies.

I want to travel the world.

I hate stereotypes, but I hate people who think they're breaking stereotypes even more. Everyone is a stereotype. The true meaning of non-conformity is being who you are -- even if you are a stereotype.

I hate rap -- except for Eminem.

I hate country -- except for Taylor Swift.

I'll listen to pop music, the stuff that's on the radio, but I never really fall in love with it. Ever.

Music is kind of my Jesus.

And I love to talk about myself a lot more than is healthy. Can you tell? And I'm still not done -- I just think I should stop now.

/-- Bye.

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