Dances with sloths
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Copyright © 2009; David Placzek- All works are hereby copyrighted under the name "Eternalmoonlight21"

Hey! My name is Dave. I live in western Massachusetts. I'm new here on fictionpress and I love to read stories (and write...obviously). The story I'm going to be posting chapters from is a something I've been writing in a notebook. I'm not sure what I'll call it yet, maybe once I start posting and you guys start reading, I could get some requests. Yeah, so there's not much else I can really yeah. My friend (also here on fictionpress) is Zach, otherwise known as 8DaysTillSunday, he came up with the supernatural book known as Wolfheart and Store Bought. Um, read those, too, they're really good. So I'll be updating whenever I'm not busy or...whenever I get the chance? Until then... (epic three dots always make everything better)

August 2nd--

FINALLY! Back to writing. Review my new version if you can! It's much better, i hope. Also, my cousin just started writing a pretty good book called "On Broken Ground." He's Earthbound017. Review his book too!

August 9th--

Chapter one's flying by. It's called "Sounds of War." Muahaha... yeah anyways, I'll be posting a pronunciation guide soon because some of the words and names are kind of ridiculous. Keep writing!

August... hang on... 29th--

Chapter One's up! Took me long enough. Work's a killer, but now I'm done! Back to school in a week or so. I'll try and dish out another chapter in that time. R&R please! it means a helluva lot!! Thanks!

Pronunciation Guide--

Avenyria- (ay-venn-EAR-ee-yuh)
Eileria- (eye-LAIR-ee-yuhh)
Farsina- (farr-SEE-nuh)
Iren- (EYE-wren)
Isles- (EYE-yulls)
Kaerynius- (ki-RINN-ee-us) "ki" rhymes with "eye"
Krynrok- (KRINN-rock)

August 29th (again)--

I can't think of a friggin title to save my life. UGH. Well that was pointless.

August 30th--

Ok, I got it. "Path to Allegiance". Lemme know what you think, and I could use some more reviews. If you stop by to read the story it'd be great if I could get some feedback. Thanks!

September 12th--

Back to school. I actually don't mind it much. Summer was a whirl of stress and frustration. I hate kids. (i worked at a summer camp). ANYWAYS, I'm working on chapter two and I'm pretty psyched because I like how it's turning out. I'll save you all (all... 3 of you) the apprehension and let you know that the chapter is called "Enlightening." :) So I'll keep writing, if you guys keep reading and REVIEWING! Thanks guys.

September 20th--

I love MA in the fall (technically it's still summer... but summer sucks). It's so cold! Cold rocks. I'm kinda weird cuz I LOVE cloudy/rainy/snowy days where it doesn't go above like 50 degrees. It's awesome. ANYWAYS (yes, there is actually a point to this update), chapter 2's up. I PROMISE I'll be quicker about updating. Been busy lately. REALLY busy. Soo... R&R please, you know how much it means to me. Thanks guys!

October 4th--

It's getting colder. Awesome. And I updated... finally. Sorry it took so long. I really gotta start writing more often. I'm taking ridiculous classes in my senior year and I have truckloads of homework each night. Writing during the week is, therefore, out of the question. ANYWAYS, I really liked writing chapter three. You learn more about Iren and Vayen and you get to see how BAD Kaerynius really is. Lemme know what you think, reviews are always appreciated. I just started Chapter four. It's a little different, but it'll be good. Lots of action! Can't wait to post. Thanks!

October 24th--

I've been busy, as usual. AP Calc's a killer along with sports, music. My life's a mess right now. Anyways, I'm making progress with Chapter 4 "Heart of a Killer" :) It should be up later today or at the LATEST, tomorrow.

November 6th--

Yeah, that last post was a lie... I swear it wasn't intentional! But I think I've paid my dues by posting... TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY! Ok so let me tell you about chapter four. It was a lot of fun to write (despite its length) and it's what you guys have been waiting for. Some feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Chapter five is BY FAR my favorite chapter so far. It was sooo much fun to write and i hope, as much fun to read! R&R PLEASE! Thanks guys!

December 11th--

Well then. I think I'm gonna put Path to Allegiance on Hiatus. I have a new idea brewing up in the ol' noggin so I'll post info on it as soon as possible.

December 28th--

Path to Allegiance is back. I guess I just needed a break. This chapter is... i think the best yet. It's not long by any means but A LOT happens. let me know what you think. Thanks guys! (wow I always say that...)

February 27th-- Well, Path to Allegiance is on Hiatus for now. I really like the storyline and the characters but idk. A new idea's been tearring at my skull for months and i think its time to give it a chance. It's REALLY good. It's still on the drawing board but I have a feeling that might be posting something soon.
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