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6/13/09: I just nominated Once Upon A Nightmare by Miss Jak for the FictionPress Supernatural Stories Awards.

Also, just wanted to say Lea Ai's story Sovereign is wonderful! You should read it and then review when you're done. =)

"I'm so talented at persuading people that I killed the six of us when our plane crashed somewhere in Canada."

My name is Rae, though it is my middle name and not my first. Making movies is my passion. Writing is my oxygen. It is my goal to graduate at least one semester early from college. At the rate I'm going, it should be a whole year sooner than expected.

At 18, I know only various debatable pleasures and facts, none of which will reveal the answers of life to me. How unfortunate, right? With a somewhat unhealthy obsession of the Realm of Dreams and the art of crafting stories to be told frame by frame, I find life to be a combination of "The glass is half empty" and "Who would seriously define a person's life by means of water in a glass?".

The study of mental disorders captivates me. Diogenes of Sinope is my hero. I believe that one day, Fahrenheit 451 will become our reality.

I love to take a stroll through my fantasy worlds and see what people I'll meet and what scenarios I'll encounter. I do not consider myself an extraordinarily creative or imaginative girl, though I've been known to come up with a blow-your-mind, stun-the-crowd, kick-ass idea every once in a blue moon. As far as my friends are concerned, this entire method of creation is called The Penguino Method (in direct relation to yours truly).

My personal motto: "There is no such thing as simplicity." There are a few others, though none sound quite so basic. Most pertain to dreams, reality, insanity, or some indiscernible line that runs between them all.

I honestly enjoy every type of music. Rock, pop, reggae, rap, classical, R&B, country, folk, electronica, you name it. And if I've never heard of it before, I swear I will take a listen.

I am convinced that the Multiverse Theory is one hundred percent real. I realized quite some time ago that by adding "-ism" to a word, you can create an entirely new word that may not necessarily exist but that others will believe is a real word.

I am in the process of writing several novels. If I post any of my work on this site, I sincerely hope those who read it will review it. Praise and constructive criticism are always welcome. How else would I improve? If you want to talk to me about books, films, music, or to discuss story ideas or writing, go ahead and send me a message.

I do NOT in any way, shape, form, will, or manner condone plagiarism, but a brilliant artist and photographer once said to me the following: "Plagiarism is the greatest compliment you will ever receive." I will never forget that for as long as I live, but I will be pissed as all friggin' hell if someone ever steals my work.

"I don't come to read perfection, but to read a story. There is a difference, stories are meant to be a little make believe dear." - Ray-Anne

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe

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