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Hey people!

Who am I? I'm no one special. Just a fourteen (now fifteen) year old who's aspiring to become a fiction writer of some sort.

In case you're wondering my profile image says 'Atheism: The arrogant belief that the entire billion-galaxy universe was not created for us.' Some may argue that God created the universe by himself for himself, but they still believe us to be the focus of the universe. That idea seems odd to me, because when you look at the broader scope of things we do not appear to be that important. If anything God's more interested in stars and galaxies.

Things I can't stand when it comes to stories

Note: This list relates more to novels that I've read, as oppose to the stories on this website. But I still think this gives writers a general idea about what to avoid.

1. Supernatural/fantasy stories that portray scepticism as a vice: I am yet to come across one novel/movie in the supernatural genre that doesn't try to convince its readers/viewers that sceptics are boring, arrogant and close-minded, or that just believing in supernatural nonsense because of something your friend told you is a positive virtue. This is very cliche feature in supernatural horror stories that annoys the hell out of me! I'm a sceptic myself. I'll have you know that we're not nearly as close-minded as some movies portray us to be. It's just that we want evidence and when it comes to extraordinary claims, testemonies and vague ancient prophecies simply don't cut it.

2. Mary-Sues: Okay, I'm being kind of hypocritical here, but I don't really have a problem with people projecting themselves into the story. After all, I don't know the author, he/she might be an interesting person. What I do have a problem with are perfect characters that make it seem as though the author is trying to force you to feel a sense of admiration for them.

3. Lame false scares: I used to read 'Goosebumps' when I was eight, but I grew out of it pretty quickly because of all those false scares that would come at the end of every second chapter. I mean how many times can you end the chapter with 'Out of nowhere a cold hand clasped my shoulder' before the reader is able to predict that it was just the main character's best friend trying to scare the crap out of him.

I'll add more problems as I think of them, but for now, these are the major issues.

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