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his hair= chocolate sex kitten orgy...yeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh! HACK HAck HACKED !! : D VERONICA IS AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!

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(P A G E F R E A K I NN B R EA K ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !======)

Holly fuck, abby hacked my account :D

And yes, his hair is awesome. I will date it. Someday when I get the courage to ask him out...


Hi everyone at Fiction Press! I'm new here... so yeah. I'm young, a girl if you haven't figured that out yet, and you can call me... Dragon or anything I s'pose.

The Dying Rainbow : I'm writing this one thing, and it sucks, I know (I'm not the best writer). I'm thinking of a title right now, so the current one isn't permanent. I'm going to post it here for people to read and rate the plot. Yea, my writing isn't the best in the world, but I'm just organizing my ideas, and its the rough draft. Yup (:

Anyway, my story is going to have like three volumes or something. (The first two are going to be really long though) And I'm also gonna write little short-stories about other characters like on that I'm really looking forward to: the story of the pirate Jeanette (Most likely to be called something along the lines of 'The Inner Thoughts of a Young Girl on a Ship of Filthy Pirates'. A little lengthy, but you get the point :D )

The Adventures of a Homosexual Rat : This story is about my (fake) stuffed rat Steeve. I love him very much : Some stuff that he witnesses in the story actually happened b/c the setting is in my school. My friends also help / give me ideas for it. Pretty light-hearted.


Plushdeath is the bestest person eva!! She's like my best friend :3

CATCHY-IST SONG EVA!! +I sing it all the time :D+ ( Click HERE for a remix: also good! )


Me? Girl, young, student. -sigh-

B-Day? November 16th :D

Fave TV shows? Chowder (Cartoon Network; Schnitzel OWNS!), SPONGEBOB!! (Nick), 6Teen (Cartoon Net.), Total Drama Island (Cartoon Net.) Uhhh... Fairly Odd Parents (Nick), House M.D. (USA), Monk (USA), Psych (USA), Family Guy (Adult Swim), American Dad (Adult Swim), SOUTHPARK (TBS / Comedy Central)

AND Invader Zim I'm so sad they canceled it...

AWSOME MOVIES? CORALINE 3D!! VERY good movie! Not the shitty 3D either! It was actually kinda scary for a kid movie D: Again, WATCH IT!! ITS AWESOME!!

Get Smart! Also a very good movie : THE LOST ROOM!! I LOVE it! It was originally a tv mini series on Sci-fi, but ITS VERY GOOD!

My Faves? I love my friends! Also Geico commercials and outdoors. I love snow and makeshift snowboarding : Very fun, very painful faceplants, but very fun. I ALSO LOVE STEEVE!! I also love my 2 cats: Nighty (black, female) and Red (tabby, male). I also like thunder/lightning storms and the calm before the storm -rain too-

I dont know why, but I like gay guys :) The kind that DONT dress like it and DONT talk girly but still like other guys. -I guess I like yaoi too then-

EW. Children. Younger then 8. EW -I'm the worst baby-sitter ever- Also annoying preppy-bitchy girls are my worst enemies.


Manga? My first was Naruto, but I dont like it that much anymore. Fairytale (Happy) !! Bleach (Kon)!! WANTED (short story by author of VK) !! VAMPIRE KNIGHT (Aido and Kain are love; I named my stuffed animal raccoon after him :D I sleep with him every night!)

Hetalia!! ( I LOVE Italy :D Poor little Italy... Some countries are so mean to him But that curl... I LOVE IT!! )


Random links =3

My german fail-quiz (from a long while back)! I usually get awesome grades in German and even Mr. Shea didnt know what the hell happened :D

David's attitude about his+beer.

So that's whats at the end of the rainbow~!

Jackpot! Twilight-is-seriously-the-worst-book-eva.No-kiddin.


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