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Author has written 3 stories for General, and Mythology.

It's me, Emily!

I DON'T LIKE SEMICOLONS. THEY MAKE ME UNCOMFORTABLE. Wow, I'm really slacking. I'll pick up the pace, I promise!

Quotes that Inspire Me

"The winners get two points and the losers get one."
"How come the losers don't get 'zero'?"
"NO ONE IS A ZERO HERE!" ~Thanks, Alex

"I'm kinda nervous, it is my first gay role-"
"First? You anticipate more?"
"It is theater..." ~Gonna miss you, Rich

"Chocolate covered BACON. It's, like, chocolate covered pretzels...but with MEAT!" ~Rich

"Stupid people, dangerous in large amounts."~Colin

"Ring-ring, tick-tock, ha-ha." ~AP Lang


"Zeus is, essentially, the man ho of Mount O."
"Remember guys, lEts bEAt flAvIA!"
"For every Latin book I put together, I'm gonna take a drink. So, Stephanie, that is what happened to your book."
"It's unusual to speak to 'bad shadows' and there's a word for it." "Insanity!" "No, apostrophe...but you can use insanity."
"When a Roman said 'nice ass' he meant the coin."
"I would have told you. I tell you everything else."
"Because Catullus liked it rough."
"It would be, like, negative mountains if you said 'deep'." "Those are generally called 'valleys', Mr. P..."
"I'll show him! I'm gonna write and write and write, and then he'll be sorry!"
"I wasn't paying attention (Steph)." "It's better that way."
"An 'amicus' was a...paid male friend. Not like I would know about that stuff."
"Once, I shut my brother in the dryer. I would always be, like, 'I'm gonna turn it on, I'm gonna turn it on!" (we were more shocked that he wasn't an only child...)
"Two words: EPIC STRIPPING."
"I have another fifty lines to rant and I'M GONNA USE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM."
"I like 'cheaper' because she's a cheap ho!"
"It's your birthday, have a gift of death. Man, we're twisted."
"I'm gonna miss him (me)." "I'm not (Colin)." "The whiny little bastard (Mr. P)."
"The women in these love poems just got screwed (P)." "Literally and figuratively!"
"There's this weird beastiality thing going on." "Shut the door? (Cam)" "Yeah."
"Pyramus and Thisbe...addicted to crack."
"Do you think they comprehend that they're turning into trees? Cause I would be freakin' out (me." "I would think so. You would be running, screaming, up the mountain with branches for arms (P)." "I WOULD BE AN ENT?! COOL!!"
"That's where we get 'flexible' from because you can bend yourself into many different shapes. (I giggle...and so does everyone else) I can't say anything any more in this class!"


SHORTS AND POEMS: Pretty Little Failure, Because We Are, Twisted Eternity

'NOVELS': Latin Class Heroes Trilogy, Melancholia, The Lies

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