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Call me Laura.

I have lots of pretty good stories posted on the FanFiction page that's related to this site. Read them if you want. My pen name on that site is Lara-Van.

I've got a superhero fixation and have been a fantasy junkie since I first read LOTR at age five. Since then I've become obsessed with Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, and Heroes. Mostly Heroes. I'm addicted to Peter Petrelli's face. Because my pen name totally didn't tell you that.

Information regarding my stories is listed AT THE BOTTOM OF MY PROFILE.

My Likes:

Fantasy/sci-fi/the supernatural in general

Music- I'm an extreme iTunes junkie. You do NOT want to know how much money I have given Apple

Writing- obviously. I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't. I first tried to write a novel at age seven. 174 pages of mostly crap.

Travelling- I prefer to camp (tent, not RV) in national parks, but I also love touring foreign cities. Munich is my personal favorite, although Lyon is also quite beautiful. I want nothing more than to go to Dublin right now.

Food- Eating is very important to my life. And I'm not the typical American eater. Hot dogs are bad. Cola is GROSS. Pizza is barely edible. Hamburgers only under extreme duress. Although, I do admit that I have a weakness for junk food. But mostly I prefer trying exotic foods and things with tons of spice and flavor. Seriously, if it's not going to make my tongue numb for days, it's probably too mild for me. Right now I'm trying out a bunch of Cantonese recipes. I also have a seafood addiction. I eat salmon at least once a week, and shellfish whenever I can get it. Crab legs are the best thing you can get for any price.

People- I just genuinely love people in general. Everyone is my friend until they prove me wrong. Sadly, lots of people prove me wrong.

My Dislikes:

Selfish people- I try to be as selfless and empathic as I can (sometimes I fail, but don't we all?), and it really annoys me when people refuse to do things for the greater good because they're too caught up in themselves.

Bad grammar- It makes me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.

Pessimism- one of my friends is very pessimistic, and she condones genocide in Darfur because it's "just the way the world is, and we shouldn't try to stop it because it might mess up the balance of things." Seriously Kirsty? Genocide is okay? Oh my god. That's all I can say. Oh my god.


Purple is the color of spirituality. Purple personalities are always striving to be better than they consider themselves to be, both on a spiritual, emotional and a mental plane.

Needing more knowledge, they become avid readers. Trying to become what they think they should be, they search their own lives and the lives of others to find the answers. The study of religions makes them feel as if they are accomplishing something bigger than themselves in life. A good theological discussion is right up their alley.

Wanting to help as many people as they can, they are more than willing to give you the benefit of their education. Trying to achieve perfection, they seem to struggle with themselves more than most because they tend to be so critical of themselves.

Oh my god. It describes me PERFECTLY. I have always wanted to improve myself and become a better person, even though I'm pretty sure that I'm not nearly as good as I wish I was. So yeah- if you want to know who I am, that sums it up right there.

I Am


A True Representation of Me, Unlike the Generic Versions Of This Floating Around

I am the girl who can never tell if people are sincere of messing with me. I am the girl who gets cocky and overconfident, only to get shot down. I am the girl who punches someone and then spends the next three days agonizing over it because she didn't intend to really hurt them. I am the girl who says things for shock value. I am the girl who wanders around in a daze half the time because the inside of my head is too interesting to leave. I am the girl who wonders why she acts the way she does- for attention or out of habit? I am the girl who talks about Heroes ad nauseam. I am the girl who everyone assumes is unathletic until they see me playing soccer. I am the girl who can never stick to her guns because she can see every side of every argument. I am the girl who can't get a date because she's terrified of letting anyone know she cares, and treats the guys she likes worse than the ones she doesn't. I am the girl whose dreams are too big for other people to believe, who always gets told that it's okay to be ordinary, that it's okay to sit quietly and write, because saving the world is too big a job for one woman. I am the girl who never believed that.

I am the girl who doesn't know how people see her and doesn't really care (beyond clinical interest). I am the girl who's had a story in her head for as long as she can remember. I am the girl with the imagination so big it scares people. I am the girl who is the friend of everyone who needs one. I am the girl who once attacked a bully twice her size who was picking on someone I didn't like. I am the girl with no fear. I am the girl who loves the heart of the city and the middle of nowhere equally. I am the girl who walks all over social lines- my friends are the stoners, the geeks, the musicians, the preps, the cheerleaders, the jocks, everyone. I am the girl who stands outside in the dead of night and screams at God to help her save the world from itself. I am the girl who is too strong to cry over her own problems. I am the girl who cries herself to sleep for someone she's never met. I am the girl who decided to wear heels and wide-flair jeans to school when everyone else was wearing Crocs and sweatpants, because I just liked it better. I am the girl who intervenes in everyone else's problems and has to make everything better. I am the girl who flunked out of P.E. because I decided to slack off with the terrified, friendless, pregnant girl who didn't have anyone to sit by her while everyone else was playing volleyball.

I am a walking contradiction of terms. I am the girl who always manages to stick her foot in her mouth. I am the girl who's dreamed of flying her whole life. I am the one who tries to be an enigma and fails. I am the fearless coward. I am the firebrand diplomat. I am the empathic bully. I am the fierce defender of my friends. I am determined and stubborn, but flexible and more than willing to go with the flow. I am the girl who can see everyone's flaws and tries to convince herself she has none; I am the one who blinds herself to everyone else's faults and forces herself to see her own in technicolor. I am the one who leads the "charmed life" but would trade it all for a chance to save the world.

I am the one who feels all the pain and joy of everyone she knows, and even though it makes me want to shut down, instead I rip myself wide open and let it all in, because only by doing that can we ever hope to make a difference.

My Stories:

Rising From the Ashes- Just a little oneshot. It's along the same plotlines as how The Anarchists would have ended, and is slightly confusing, but a decent read if you're looking for something short.

The Anarchists- ON HOLD. I screwed it up and I need time to regroup before I give it another go.

The Phoenix Corps- Not a "serious" project of mine, just a little writing exercise that I started writing at the request of my girlfriends after we, geeky girls that we are, went to see Zombieland and realized how freaking fun a zombie apocalypse could be. Especially if you threw in superpowers caused by radioactive fallout.

The Idiot's Guide to Being Ordinary- It's kind of a working title, because I can't come up with anything better yet. The summary I put in there sounds pretty lame, because it's a very difficult story to summarize. So let me give a slightly better one here: Andrea = genetic experiment with superpowers. She has been working for the US government and living in a government facility her entire life and believe it or not does NOT have angst about it! When the government agency that created and employed her is shut down for a variety of reasons, Andrea is set up with a comfortable life in the suburbs. She is a little freaked out by this, but copes fairly well until she finds herself falling for an enigmatic neighbor... who may have his own reasons for wanting to be close to her. This is hopefully going to become my debut novel, and though it's a rough copy, obviously, I really, REALLY want to get it right. Therefore, do NOT expect frequent updates, as I refuse to write anything for this until I get properly inspired. Trying to write without inspiration is going to lead only to failure.

My Upcoming Stories:

Moonlight and Roses- Another bad title. Sorry. Rose is a young woman working to support herself as a performer in a Las Vegas club while she tries to forget her past. But when someone she once loved appears to beg for her help, how can she refuse? Unfortunately, it seems that even simple favors come with strings attached...

A Voice of Solid Gold- In a world where music doesn't exist, Lewis Greenfeld is the only person who seems to think there may be some form of art deeper than any yet discovered. As he begins to discover the power of song, he also discovers that there is a very good reason no one sings...

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