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I'm not really good at these things; I can never figure out what to say about myself.

Hmm... I can say that I am a fantasy fiction writer, and that since I became old enough to try writing a sex scene, my stories are all slash, all M-rated, and all around novel-length in written form (I have very small handwriting). Unfortunately most of my works are still only on paper and are only finished in my head, and although I hope to eventually transfer them all to my hard drive, they are not there now and who knows when they will be due to a busy and stressful life.

Although I am a very m/m-loving type of girl (I don't even think I could write a story without the main character being attracted to the same sex because I'd get bored), I have been experimenting with including women in my newer works. I hope this doesn't chase anyone away, but I know it might have me when I was younger. Let me just stress again though that the main will always end up with a man, no matter what, and the reason I feel I can say that without ruining any of my stories for the reader is because I try to make the relationship that is ensuing not be the only focus. I spend a lot of time creating the worlds that I write about, and I try to develop my plots enough for them to be as much if not more catching than the sexiness taking place between characters. That's why I classify my works under the fantasy section and not the romance section.

Unfortunately I have never had any of my stories edited by anyone other than myself, so there is probably a chance that readers will find errors strewn about, no matter how much I pick through with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes, another pair of eyes in needed, that's all there is to it, and that brings me to the last thing I want to say. All of my stories are works in progress, and they are all rough drafts, so if something doesn't make sense, please feel free to tell me. I am a perfectionist, and would much rather "suffer the humiliation" of criticism than have something up that isn't exactly right. I will never be upset about any sort of critique be it something about my grammatical errors to something not making sense at all in the time frame of a story (like a samurai using a cellphone or some such) will be accepted full-heartedly. I would appreciate it that if someone didn't like my story, that they tell me why so I can fix it.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by my page and I hope that everyone likes what I post, I'll try to get everything that I do have typed up on the site soon, I'm just doing one more editing streak.



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