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Hello, wazzap Fan Fictionarts?! My name is Dr. Don Darth Lord Captain Commander King Colonel Leutenet Lord Typing Typhoon the III Esquire of Pwnage! However, you may just call me Dr. Don Darth Lord Captain Commander King Colonel Leutenet Lord Ty the III Esquire of Pwnage! Or just Ty, but either one of the above would be preferred. :D

Anyway, I've been on the site for quite awhile now. I'm currently spearheading (from the shadows) a bustling RP and a decent C2. I love reading fics here on-site. There's so many talented novelists here I don't even purchase e-books any more, I just loaf around here. I'll probably drop in on one of your stories sooner or later.

Name: Dr. Don Darth L- Oh whatever, you get it by now. :p

Age: 17.8 (Approx.)

Gender: D00d

Occupation: n00b pwner, novelist, sub-contractor, collegiate, and life guard.

Religion: Protestant/Lutheran

Political Status: Potential Villain

Likes: Money, Chocolate-Pretzels, Blond Jokes, Money, Ridin' my Bike, Ur Mom Jokes, Reviews, Unnecessary Capitalization, Buzz-Words, Money, wastin' away my day at my gym, reading, writing, money, laughing at awkard silences, Arby's, reviews, puns, Chuck Norris jokes, oh... and making money.

Dislikes: The food pyramid, yaoi/slash/yuri, the over-usage of F-bombs, causing awkard silences, juggling, rabbits, religious nuts, political nuts, flamers, boring people, loading screens, econo-cars, the vast majority of Animes, and author's who's dislike's list spans over 13 items.

About Copyright

It sucks. Everyone is always so excited to get their work copyrighted, and that first sigh of relief is legendary. After that though, it kinda sucks. In fact, after going through all the crap securing my work I haven't sued a single sucker or cleared a single bank account... WTF? When it comes time for more copyright action, I'm gonna keep it a secret so I can ambush sue plagurizers. That said, let's face it. Nobody's really going to steal your work; not when they all think their own stuff is better than your masterpieces anyway.

Fantasy Writers Guild: This is a fantasy forum for aspiring writers, review mongers, and RPers alike! C'mon in, we'll get your fic off the ground! Kickback, share some notes, advertise your stories, and hit an RP when your done. Anyone and everyone welcome! Stop by today!

My main gig here is to bring together writers, RPers, and BETAs together under one roof. Post a story link and me and a mod will drop in and get your fic off the ground with some constructive feedback to up your review count. A good place to make connections. This forum is doing great now and has gathered plenty of members. Anyone and everyone is welcome. For others, we also have chat threads, story boards, and RPs here, just to mix it up. RP hosters wanted as well. http://www.fictionpress.com/myforums/Typing_Typhoon/647442/

Awesomeness Incorporated: Hey, this is a new C2 I have just set up! I already have a good run of fics and a few staff members, but we barely have any subscribers. My goal is to one day have the largest, and most powerful C2 evah! So please join and refer us your (or your friends) fics for our community so we can one day take Fiction Press by storm! http://www.fictionpress.com/community/Awesomeness_Incorporated/3081/

Need reviews? Here's some epic forums to get your story off the ground!


(Mentioned above, totally awesome. Even when I'm not there.)


(A contract style give and recieve plug forum. Fast paced forum, cool people.)


(A review swapping game. Another fast paced forum with its own enlightenting roster of members; home to the Review Marathon)

My Current Fics

1. Phalanx: Genesis: This is a draft (a very polished, functional one, mind you) of my golden ticket to fame. It's my main on-going fic and has been copyrighted (late 2010), and edited numerous times (practically every time I open Microsoft Word). One day I hope to get it published and rake in some side cash for college; for now I'm happy just to scrape the occasional review (all reviews are returned). Anyway, here's the premise:


Phalanx takes place in a futuristic war torn world on the super continent continent of Pangea. Five countries, divided into two factions, clash in a massive battle to determine the fate of their degrading planet. However, the world leaders are so wrapped in their politics and their struggle that no one was ready for the inclusion of a third party: the mass of twisted monsters living beneath the surface world. The already hectic world was thrown into utter choas as monsters of myth and freaks of science swarm the scene, and what is even more unsettling are the rumors of rogue "gods" wandering the land.

For better or worse, young border patrolman Chris Faulkner has yet to get his feet wet in any of this. A meager patrolman, Chris along with a motely crew of ex-mercenaries and academy students, are charged with protecting their borders from the endless onslaught of tampered security droids. His "simple" life is shattered when he is singled out for divine purposes. Thrust into a complicated world where nothing is as it seems. Chris struggles simply to make ends meet, completely unaware that he is but a pawn in a supernatural war that is far greater than anything he could've of ever imagined...

Phalanx is rated T/PG-13 for: Intense violence, crude humor, mild swearing, political jargon, bathroom monsters, suggestive themes, and explicit scenes of loitering.

Anyway, that's about it... So erm... yeah... 0_0

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