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Sorry, people, for making you wait so long. You will have to wait longer if you still have any desire to read my fics. -_-;; My brother deleted the fourth chapter of How You Gonna Handle? and the eleventh chapter of Tests of the Sakura Card Mistress. -_-;;; I'm really sorry about this, he WOULD be dead right now if I could do that without getting sent to jail so, yeah, sorry. I'm working on it. I'm also working on the third chapter of Release My Heart, thanks for the e-mails, you guys kick my ass into gear. XD So I'm working on all three a little, maybe about three-four times a week. Blah. -_-; I hope to get them out soon.

Again, sorry for the wait.


Please read and review! X_x;;

- Sakura -

Wow, two updates in one month! *gasp* O_o Anyway, uploaded the 3rd chap to How You Gonna Handle? (1x2 fic)! Weee!!! Please go read!

Just going to say that Demon in My View's eighth (8th)chapter is at http:///letters/ under "fanfictionanimecard captor sakura", and you WILL be able to review it, so please do that. ^_^;;