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Hey all, the name's Cas (nickname of course). Wow, I haven't touched this thing in like 2 years, kinda sucky, I know. Anyway, just a little profile thing first up, before we get down to business.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Some aspirations of mine:
learn martial arts, get an exchange scholarship/grant to CSU (California State University), become an author, travel, own a dog, and uhm... I don't really know what else

Some Bands/Singers that I like:
Paramore, Flyleaf, Senses Fail, Boyce Avenue, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The All-American Rejects, The Audition, Dashboard Confessionals, Linkin Park, Mayday Parade, One Republic, Breathe Carolina, There For Tomorrow, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, The Used, Three Days Grace, Westlife, Blue, Teddy Geiger, Ne-Yo, Michael Buble, Lifehouse, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift...

Some fave authors:
Jennifer Rardin, James Twining, Scott Westerfield, Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead, John Marsden, Douglas Adams, Dean Koontz, Karen Chance, Lee Child, Matthew Riley, James Rollins...

Between 5'1" and 5'2" (yeah yeah I'm short)

fruit, cereal, spaghetti, ice cream; animals; books/reading; art (drawing, painting, photography); music; sport ; writing; summer; dnms (deep 'n' meaningful talks); black and white; plushies; keanu reeves, christian bale, peter facinelli, eric bana...

ANYWAY, now that the boring bits out of the way... Well let's see, I've mainly posted poems and short stories up here, which isn't really my style. It just sucks because everytime i try to do a long novel-like story I'll completely give up after the first chapter or so.

So I've decided to stick to my wits and just completely focus on this one story until I've got it all out and finished. Hopefully you like it. It's currently called No More Room To Breathe, but if you have a better suggestion for the title, you're more than welcome to express your thoughts.


My sister has just started up this Facebook page about her cause to fundraise for the Inspire Foundation and to raise awareness about mental health, by completing a fashion challenge set each month. So come visit the page and help be apart of this cause: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mymonthwithout/152960928064687 all you need to do is like the page and spread the word about it to your friends!

And if you feel like doing more for this cause you can visit the website: http:/// and make a donation!

(BTW I cant seem to hyperlink captions so i had to paste the URL for them.. sorry!)

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When Jared finally did turn to me, it shocked me how dark his eyes were, how inhuman he seemed. "You need to run, Bailey." His body started to contort, back-arching, bones pushing against the inside of his skin. "Run as far as you can. Hide. Just don't let him catch you."
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No More Room To Breathe reviews
Why are you back?" My eyes flittered over him, disbelief shining through. "What I do does not concern you, in fact, anything to do with me does not concern you." Turning his back on me, he slowly dissappeared into the school.
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