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Name: Daniel Huynh

Age: 19, to people on the net. 13, to people I know.

Location: The Shadow Gallery

Current Obsession: Gay love stories, V for Vendetta, guinea pigs, colored skinny jeans, Rise Against

Pets: Two guinea pigs: V and Finch, 5 koi fish: Dascomb, Sutler, Creedy, Etheridge, Heyer.

Sexuality: Biiiiisexual

Closet Status: I came out, btch.

Race: Asian, mofo(:

Relationship Status: Single.

Music: A lot. More recently, Rise Against, Escape the Fate, and Senses Fail. I really like Meg and Dia at the moment, they're cute and their music is just sick.

Okay, so I'm your ordinary teenager that lies about his age and his.. ahem, habits. I'm the kind of guy that knows everyone, but only hangs out with like.. five. I love romantic tragedies, anarchy, spray paint, and Fawkesian masks. I read more books that you can possibly imagine, mostly.. romances and horror. I'm self-conscious, very much so. But I still do stupid stuff. I've written a lot more stories, just haven't posted them on FP. ONE! ONE THOUSAND! GOOD! INTENTIONS! LOST! IN TRANSLATION! LOST! FOREVER! One confession, I've broken enough laws to get me into deep, deep shit. Vandalism, possession of contraband, sabotage.. and more stuff like that. Recently, there were a few houses in my neighborhood sprayed with a V inside a circle. Guess who did that? I'm trying to vegetarian, but mom doesn't feel like making me a salad and won't teach me how to make them. I'm with PETA, and you should join. KFC and McDonald's deserves to go bankrupt for the bullsht that they've done to animals. Like coating them in bullsht.
My taste in music ranges from Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon to the likes of Mozart. Yes. Screamo, punk, and classical. I hate it when people classify other people as scene, or goth or emo. Or when they calls gays, fags. First of all, scene or goth is just a style of clothing and appearance. Just a style. Emo is more of a state of mind. And calling an emo a emo is just not too cool. For example wrist-slitting and self-injury is not just limited to people who wear black and dye their hair bright colors. No. I wouldn't be surprised if you found cuts on the quiet kid in your class. Or maybe the kid that everyone bullies.
There are three things that I would die for. And in this order. Rise Against Concert. Meet V. My guinea pigs. My parents. My iPod.

Gosh, I'm so random, dude. Cure me of this horrible disease of randomness! It's like I have Tourette's, but I blurt out lyrics..


"Humans are like slinkies. Not good for much, but fun to watch fall down the stairs."
- Some guy on an Apophysis forum

"If I could paint how I feel,
I'd draw a bullseye on your head
My anger isn't misdirected
Unless it somehow misses you"
- Rise Against

"Public school -- where the human mind is drilled and manipulated into submission to various social and moral spools and thus fitted to continue our system of exploitation and oppression."
- Emma Goldman

"Beneath this mask, Mr Creedy is more than flesh. Beneath this mask is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof."
- V, V for Vendetta (2006)

"We are being buried beneath the mountain of your inadequacies, Mr Creedy!"
- Adam Sutler, V for Vendetta (2006)

"No, not in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise."
- Rorschach, Watchmen (2009)

Okay, so has anyone seen the new Harry Potter? This is absolutely my favorite part. Draco says it as Snape pushes him up against the wall.

- Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

More to come. Check every now and then, I'll put up more. Read my stories? Review them? Spread them around?

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