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Hi, I'm Mandi, and I'm just another broke college student with a passion for writing.

My favorite authors are primarily fantasy, and they include Tamora Pierce (my first love), Juliet Marillier, Jacqueline Carey, George R. R. Martin, Guy Gavriel Kay, Lynn Flewelling, and Greg Keyes. I also enjoy Michael Crichton, Gary Jennings, Sharon Shinn, Stephen King, and Sarah Dessen.

I had another story up here - roughly titled This Tainted Magic - but I decided to take it down, as I've gotten much more serious about it and wanted to preserve my first electronic publishing rights if I ever do get it published. I'm also debating removing The Sorcerer's Will. I'd like to do a couple short fantasy stories, instead. But we'll see.

In regard to summaries:

- I don't CARE if you "suck at summaries" - just tell me what it's about, damn it.
- If it's grammatically incorrect, no one with any worthy feedback is going to review your story.
- You better give me more than "Just R&R!" because if you don't, I will neither read nor review.

We have enough vampire stories, and they are all clich├ęd. Please, I beg of you, stop writing them. ):

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