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Author has written 3 stories for Fable, Action, and Fantasy.

Goshawk Infinite...called so cuz that's my nickname. >:(

I have several websites in various places...




I will have, hopefully, three stories here eventually. I already have one going on fanfiction.com (see homepage), so it could be a while for updates.

The three are, in short-

DUMP-After most people of the world died from a terrible disease, the survivors went off on their own and formed small towns. Centuries later, one such town is located on a hill. There is a mansion built at the top of the hill, were many rich, fat, dumb people live. They are served by all the people who live down the hill. At the bottom all the rich mansion people dump their trash. Secretly, there are people living in the dump at the bottom, and these people are the smartest of all, since all the books from Before got thrown out. The Dumpsters (as they are called) know how to read, and have heard of democracies and have dreams of toppling the Mansion society. However, the Dumpsters live in small groups, having to fight everyone everyday just to get food. There is no chance they will unite and destroy the system.

Three Dumpster children live happily. They are 15-year-old boy-and-girl twins, and their 6-year-old sister. The elder two do everything for the little girl, so when one day she is found by a servant, she can't fight or anything and is taken. Her siblings have no choice but to come out of hiding and fetch her back.

(I know this sounds kind of cutesy, but I'm going to make it rather dark. But not too bad, it'll be rated T.)

DISCIPLE-A 24-year-old girl had been living with her younger brother in Chicago, but he recently left for college. She finds a new tennant in the mysterious Jack Speares, a slightly odd man who wears all black. After living together for a few months, they are walking home from getting groceries when she is attacked by Darklyngs. Jack murders them with his bare hands, and says simply "Sorry. You're involved." Jack comes from a house in which every single person is a supervillain. He was kicked out for doing "something terrible, you don't want to know." Since then, he has been trying to get back into the house, or trying to take his revenge. The girl, who has sort of fallen for him, decides to help.

(And so the adventure begins~ This sounds scary, but I'm hoping it'll be sorta funny, with a dark middle (Like...Skulduggery Pleasant-ish. Or maybe Doctor Who, the Cybermen.Ha, parenthesis within parenthesis...). It'll be sort of like an action comedy fantasy romance, but not too much romance cuz I suck at writing that. Again, rated T.)

(Unnamed)-One day, a girl who is pretty much ME is wandering around Chicago's Millenium Park. It is a certain holiday when no one on Earth can drive except ambulances and the like, so everyone is walking in the roads and generally having a nice day. Suddenly, Kaerru looks around and notices everyone itching at certain parts of them, yelling as their bones rearrange, laughing as they float up. One day, everyone on Earth got a superpower, one that fit their personality. Some grew wings, manga-ites grew cat ears, horticultralists can grow plants...it fit them. Kaerru rushes about, helping a certain good-looking angel and dancing with him to a girl who has a radio whenever she splays her palms. She rushes home to find her family's powers, and her best friends. It's all great, until some years later, we learn why He gave us those powers. The darkness is coming.

(It really doesn't have a name. I just wanted to have a story where all my friends aren't imaginary. It's my real family, my real friends (well some of them), and very few imaginary characters. Probably rated K, maybe T if things get spicy with my imaginary angel~)

SO yeah, those are my current stories. You know how you have it all written down in your head, but when you try to put it into words on paper and you just can't do it justice? It's kinda like that. I could take years to get to Disciple and Dump, but I WILL get to it. Unless I decide Disciple is too much like the Bourne Trilogy. Anyway :)

I hope to see you soon. If there's a certain story you really like the sound of, please PM me.

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