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Hello. I am CellarDoor96, also known as Cel. I am male, and am an active member of the Catholic Church. I enjoy writing, which is why I signed up on this site. There will probably not be very much here, as most of my writing is fanfiction, and what isn't fanfiction is something I intend to publish. But I may post sections of my original stories here, though there will never be an entire story. Usually.

If you want to read my fanfictions, go to: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1642100/

Now, I like romance. It's good. But there are some things I do not approve of and which will never find their way into my stories: gay couples, lesbian couples, and sex. I intend to write for people of all ages, and while there are some romantic themes in my stories, couples will always be male and female and it will never go farther than kissing. Yes, there may be couples who have children. But nothing inappropriate for children under the ages of 15 will be detailed.

My stories may have dark themes, and there will be some blood and violence. But nothing too gory; it will not go beyond cuts on the surface. No organs falling out or being ripped out, no peeling of flesh, no severed limbs. I intend to keep my stories safe for younger audiences. Please pay attention to the ratings, however.

Now that I'm done explaining myself, I'll go write some stuff.

Recent Updates: I've put up chapter 7 of Syanqua, finally. Sorry for the long wait. Kind of had a bit of a writer's block, for a while... Okay, more than a bit. But, I'm over it now, so expect more updates in the near future. Anyway, chapter 7 introduces a new character, as well as expands on the BUDDING ROMANCE SUBPLOT! -cough- Sorry. Well, in any case, the next chapter will be a bit more socialization. After that, though, we'll probably have more action again, so stay tuned!

Syanqua character personality summaries:

1 - He was the first one to break away from the Aggregate, and he's very mysterious and aloof. No one is actually sure how he got free, since he's never said. He never said much of anything else, either. He's the person who everyone else talks about behind his back, thinking he doesn't know, but really he does and he just ignores them. (He is actually the Judge in disguise.)

2 - She's like the mother figure to the whole group. She's always calm and tries to help everyone. She is very open and warmhearted, unlike 1.

3 - He is the undisputed leader of the group. He has great leadership skills, and always seems to know what to do in every situation. He's a good strategist, though he often has to turn to 7 for help in that department. He also is constantly fending off all the girls in the group (except maybe for 14, heheh...). However, he's also closemouthed and terse, and he's not exactly the most charismatic person. He doesn't always tell the others what he's planning, but they trust him to do the right thing anyway.

4 - She's not that major a character, mostly she just shows up to be hyper and destroy stuff by accident.

5 - He's very, very shy. He has a crush on 8 but isn't courageous enough to tell her. She knows anyway. His best friend is 12.

6 - He is the trigger-happy psycho. His first instinct, all the time, in every situation, is to go in guns blazing and utterly decimate the opposition. Even though he loves to fight, however, he doesn't particularly draw enjoyment from death and pain itself.

7 - She's the smart one of the group, who 3 constantly turns to for strategic advice and such. She's usually quiet, and is constantly absorbed in her work. She does offer helpful advice to anyone who asks, and is thus the person who everyone always asks for advice on anything, no matter what it is. Her advice hasn't failed yet.

8 - She's almost as shy as 5, but not quite. She is very cautious and is careful to always do everything exactly right. She is also 14's best friend. She knows 5 has a crush on her, but unfortunately for him she already has a crush on 13. She's afraid to break 5's heart, though.

9 - He's minor, but he mostly likes to show off and act cool.

10 - She's a troublemaker, along with her sister, 11. Right after she was freed from the Aggregate, she went back and freed her, and together they joined the rebels. They mostly play pranks on the others, and are currently trying to get 1 to laugh.

11 - As stated before, she's a troublemaker along with her sister 10. She has a very bubbly personality, though she isn't as hyper as 4, mostly just happy and optimistic.

12 - He's 5's best friend, and is, unlike 5, very outgoing. He is constantly trying to get 5 to stop being so shy. Also, he constantly flirts with 14 and tries to impress her.

13 - Before 14 showed up, he was the newest, and as such he is basically the butt of everyone's jokes. He doesn't seem to mind, though. He's very friendly toward everyone. He doesn't seem to know that 8 likes him, but he doesn't seem interested in her, either. He seems a little interested in 14, however...

14 - The main character and narrator. She is very attractive by her species's standards, and she knows it. She therefore has a bit of a superiority complex. She's not exactly snobbish, though. She eventually develops a crush on 3, the leader. Her best friend is 8.

15 - He joins soon after 14, and is the "baby" of the group. He's not defenseless, but he's always uncertain of himself, meaning that the others have to come to his rescue when he hesitates. As he was just recently freed from the Aggregate, his personality hasn't fully emerged yet.

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