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My name is lilkorea (no need for you to know my real name), I'm half korean and half american. I currently live in America. So far I have more then ten in, and that's a big achievement for me! Considering the fact that I'm currently a full-time student and balancing a part time job to pay for tuition while attending dance classes in between.

If you must know, I have long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and snow white skin. I'm 5'7" in height and I love to play volleyball and hula dance. I've done gymnastics and dive for two years, but I got bored with them, I've played softball and tennis, but it turns out I'm not too great in those sports.

I love doing extreme sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

I'm no longer captain of a volleyball club that I've been with them since I was twelve-years old because I've passed the torch to someone I believe will be a good leader to the team.

I'm a high school graduate (with the GPA of 3.7) whose just started college this fall (September 2007), and I plan to become an oncologist (doctor who studies cancer) and hope to find the cure to cancer. But first, I want to become an NP (Nurse Practioner) because we need more nurses and it doesn't take eight to ten years to become one, just 4-6 years. It depends on what degree you're aiming for. Me, I'm aiming for a Bachelors/Masters degree in Nursing, then I'll go to Medical School and get a Phd, and maybe, if I'm up for the challenge, I'll go the full ten years to get an MD.

And a little advice for anyone who will be taking Advanced Placement or Honors or Cambridge classes, stay away from AP Civics and AP English and Trigonometry. They're not so hard, but it's a lot to take in, and your brain will overload from so much information being crammed in all at once. Plus, they're pretty boring. Normally for me it was all lectures and note taking (But I slept through most of them but still passed with an A or B. A miracle? Maybe). Also, don't become a tutor for any of those classes, because you have to pay attention in order to help the other students.

I have a lot of likes and dislikes (too much to list) but I really hate people who have the nerve to put down someone. Especially those who tell others that their stories they submit are terrible and that they should be taken off. Don't tell people that, because it doesn't feel good to recieve such negativity. It's always better to encourage them to change what you don't like and help them understand how to write a better story by giving them ideas.

Once I get my degree for nursing from college, I plan to join the Peace Corp where my help will be most needed, especially since I'm going into the medical field. And to anyone who bothers to read this, join the Peace Corp because it's actually for a good cause and it shows the world that not all Americans are lazy, self-centered slobs. So I'll give everyone the heads up on when I'll be leaving because I plan to be gone for a full year, maybe longer if I like being in the Peace Corp.

Typical Rambling:

I have a strong dislike to all Sue haters because they just don't get the fact this is a fanfiction website that allows us writers to "unleash our imaginations." As written at the top of the web page.