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3/15/03- Just a note, please don't IM me and ask me to read/review your fics. I used to do this, but when I'd make suggestions to people of how to improve their stories, I'd be ignored. So I'd wonder what the point of reading bad fanfic was in the first place. It's a waste of my time. So- IM me to chat, IM me to flatter me ^_~ IM me to say you think I suck, just please don't IM me and ask me to read your stuff. Hi! *waves happily* I'm a yaoi/yuri (mostly) writer, and I have waaaaaay too much time on my hands currently. ^_^ I'm very friendly, if anyone wants to talk, email me. ^_~ Or IM me.

Before anyone asks, _yes_ I am gay. What's it to ya? (Any Mimi-like girls, feel free to email me *winkwinkhinthint*) Oh, sorry. I'm also Wiccan. Translation for the uninformed- I am a witch. No, I don't fly on a broomstick or dance naked in the woods or worship Satan. Actually, I don't believe in Satan. Thank you for asking. (Well, in all fairness some witches do the dancing naked in the woods thing...but I don't.)

Meet my muses:
Setsuna: romance/action/perversion- major attitude, lives to tease me.
Toby: tragedy/depressing/poetry- Doesn't have much to say, but is often helpful. Dates Setsuna. (Oddly enough, most of my muses are straight.)
Tro-kun: humor/insanity- wants to take over the world and distracts me with his cackling, usually during math class.
Ebm: This muse has dedicated her life to trying to get me to write mimato (and other pairings I dislike), hence her name: Evil Bitch Muse (Ebm for short). Dates Tro-kun.
Daisuke: Angst muse, so named because it's usually Daisuke angsting in my fics. 'Nuff said.
And finally:
The Rootbeer Muse- muse of weirdness, it doesn't have any personality and only appears after I drink rootbeer.
I also have a muse for each fandom, but they're more ideas than actual beings.

More on me:

B-date: January, a Capricorn. Triad earth element. *cackles* Any budding astrologists/divination specialists out there? No Miss Cleo jokes, please, I've heard them all. Switch to Trelawney jokes or something.
Interests: Art, music, sports (soccer and swimming), school (yes, I am a genius, thank you very much), writing, reading.
Misc: Open for requests and whatnot. I'll write just about anything.

I also love to talk, so IM me. Don't have ICQ anymore (need to reinstall that) but my AIM name is Wufei no Kaze. You can also find me on MSN. Write me up and stroke my ego. I will love you.

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What if you had the chance to live a year of your life over again, but could only change one thing? Ashlin is given this chance; she is transported back into time as a passenger in her own body by a helpful spirit.
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