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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel, wall, space/area, whatever you want to call it! I'm a fellow writer wanting t share his stories/poems with the world.

Formal writing is a school thing for me. Real writing comes from the heart, mind, and hours on the toilet if you're anything like me. (That was what I like to call a joke, interpret it as you wish. There will be more, so if you lack any sense of humor right now, or have simply lost a purpose for life, turn away now. They may also induce gastrointestinal problems. If so, call your doctor.)

Honestly, informal writing is a creative process. It is a way to get your message out THE WAY YOU WANT. Please, spell correctly, but don't adhere to rules that aren't there and those limited to formal writing only!

I love lyrical poetry... Words combined to form sentences with deep meanings; a configuration of words with similar, contrasting, or complimentary sounds to a beat you can't stop reciting. Poems that may relate to all, or simply one.

Stories are excellent too, but I PHAIL at dialog. My characterization needs work which is why I love the vague aspect of poetry. I love writing stories along the lines of the Final Fantasy Series. Heart warming, moving, action packed stories with amazing plots, themes, and storyline. Final Fantasy 8 particularly has great characterization... I WISH IT WERE REAL!! Honestly, I'm AM Squall Lionheart... My sweetie IS Rinoa Heartily! I will make it so!

I also like writing stories about teenage life. Peculiar stories with twists at the end. I'm "weird" in real life by "normal" people standards. Such words shouldn't even exist for they can't be defined. You should know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I just LOVE to do numerous perverted, crazy, wacky, creeper-ish things to my friends, family, and even random strangers! The looks on their faces, their expressions, their reactions... It all feeds me! Why don't people honestly understand that them ore they hate, the more fun I get out of it. It's a lesson worth teaching. Likewise I want to get reactions from YOU. Tell me what you think about my poems/stories through comments. Tell me what you like, what you found confusing, awkward, WILD, terrible, etc.

Get this, I'm only 14. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

No, seriously... I'm not some oldie. I've been told that the problem with my stories is my constant eccidental point of view changes... and I've noticed them too when editing. I can not conclude, and attribute that to my constant change in personality, tone, dilect, thought patterns. WHY IS WHY SOMETIMES I'M A SCREAMING PSYCHOPATH OF PURE FUN, JOY, AND HAPPINESS, and sometimes I'm a super analitical Dr. of science, theology, math, writing, anything. Probably exaggerated, but you get it. You might notice it in my writing. I try to appeal to people my age depending on what I'm writing about. All of my poetry is about things I really care about, and you will find I write a lot about people/things I love.

Get this too, I'm a guy! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know! It strikes me as completely odd and hilarious how people find the seemingly unstoppable urge to call me gay for no reason whatsoever. S0 you're gonna base my sexual orientation on acts which are intended for fun, laughter, and entertainment of the masses? Perhaps if you call me gay many, MANY, times and wish really, REALLY hard, I might actually become gay magically! That's essencially what judgmental people show through their actions and statements. I am in no way, physically or emotionally attracted to other penis-having, armpit/butt scratching, porno watching, jerk-offing males. Nor will I ever be, no matter how many times you say I am, or will be. Wishful thinking on your part.

You'll also find I tend to rant a lot, but I don't expess it through my stories or poems, so don't worry about it... :)

Other than that, I love video games, music (my life,) my friends, family, school, pets. I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it.

in fact another of my hobbies is basically being a little 14 year old philosopher. pondering the meaning to... everything really. I study proofs and claims for the existence of God and think about them. I have been doing so for a while; answering every question and argument an atheist can ask and argue with. Nothing becomes a problem anymore, not even the existence of evil, the oldest question in the book. Honestly, them ore I study, think, and debate, the more I realize atheists repeat the same arguments over and over again giving different examples of essentially the same thing which can and will be disproven. Their arguments consist of hyper-literal, completely wrong interpretations of the Bible, a complete lack of any theistic knowledge, and an arsinal of scientific dreams that are supposed to prove the existence of God wrong with one mightly problem: They're nowhere near existent.

Eventually I'll make a blog solely for the purpose of helping Christians understand their faith better, proving atheism wrong with Biblical records as well as logic, their own weapon, and of course knowledge of science and math! Oh, and the internet is at my disposal... so... Whatever I don't know, someone from the 6.7 billion people in the world does.

Back on task here, I'm bigger, I'm better, and I'm back with a whole new life. So here I go, trying to get off my lazy butt and start writing again.

My newest idea - take the titles of my friends stories and use them as titles for my poems and write poems based on the title. These poems may fallow the actual story, or have a meaning of their own.

I think I got everything... But if I didn't, I'll probably notice a year from now... so... yeah, enjoy! Read, and weep. Very worth it!

- Oh yes, I'm Beauty in silence for many reasons which I will not go into right now... But one of which are the fact that poetry is beautiful, and you're silent as you read.

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