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Je suis Demi Francais.

A bit of a Potty mouth.

Funnyist - a person who cant take life seriously or just doesn't care anymore.

Proud member of the international crap writer association =D !

I don't like being called crumbs. don't ask.

My middle name's Eddie. mum 'n Dad could never agree on anything


I LAUGH AT ALMOST EVEYTHING even when they aren't supposed to be funny.


Brain: What happened?

Topcat: Do me a favor brain, don't tell anyone I know you


Kate: I will assume that was a Rhetorical question

Andrew: Assume away!

- Sweet home alabama.

Barf: Name's Barf. I'm a Mog, half man half dog. I'm my own best friend.


Jay: From now on, your dick is my dick. I'm gonna get you laid.

40 year old virgin

Mr. Woodcock: So what's your book about?

John Farley: It teaches people how they can release painful memories so they can rebuild their self-esteem.

Woodcock: Lot of losers out there I guess.

Mr. Woodcock

Evey: But I don't want you to die.

V: That's the most beautiful thing you could have ever given me.

Delia: V gives her a rose Are you going to kill me now?

V: I killed you 10 minutes ago.

V for Vendetta.




EVEY: Are you like a... crazy person?

V: I'm quite sure they will say so.

I Like everything whick begins with a V and ends with a A...

I was born on Friday the Thirteenth.

I Like saying those dorky things like ... JEEZ LOUISE, OKEY DOKEY.

I'm not a cool Person.

My favorite characters are:

Jack Sparrow


The Joker... you gotta love his laugh! you gotta love his reason.

I think I'm a loner, My Friend Agree.


I have been told I am one of those people who are smart but stupid?



I think you know enough about me, I probably am the strangest thing that ever lived on earth, but hey atleast I'll be remembered for something! And I am the sort of person who would laugh just for the fun of it ~ I will probably die flipping my middle fingers at everyone around my death bed... my last word will be 'Hah I am First LOSERS!'

Knowing me my marriage will probably be as follows (I feel sorry for the fool who got tricked into it!)

# Hello 911#

I want to report an incident for Domestic violence

# Ma'am can you calm down and explain --

You fool! I am a man and if you don't hurry up she's going to - AHHH Help!



# What has just happened? #

She's pissed because I have a gun -

# Sir can you put the gun down? #

Idiot I can't it's attached to me!

Police man know horrified # What did you two do? #

You have one too

# Because I am a police officer - #

No because you are a man.

FIN If you can't figure it out it's because you are too young or you're a nun.

trying to complete a story is near impossible... not even half way through but you know what? I just lost a really close friend so in a very moody mood. Doesn't matter though, i also have lost MJ! (i am actually becoming close to obsession to his songs!) Well i will try to conjure up some imagination! Recipes anyone? didnt think so...


HOPING TO PUT UP: Irony is Beautiful.

I have decided to post it up...now it's bit of a mystery.

It will be very annoying as I will change the POV every chapter.

Basically it's about Marrissa, she lived in the shadows of her bestfriend.

she never wanted to leave.

Her bestfriend's Boyfriend is her enemy

He tells her he is in love with her.

You spend your whole life in your sisters shadow, you Love to watch people, you observe and analyse.

She Loves you, so much that you have to never change or grow, She says jump you say how high

He Trapped you in a cage.

What are you gonna do when your finally free?

THE GIRL IN A PINK DRESS: short story - 10 chaps MAX.

This is a story about Sara Mcarin.

Normal 15 year old girl.

Then there's she.

Not so normal girl, her name is... well she is classed as the Devil.

His name is Jack.

He's normal, normally perfect.

But I am not normal now.

But he thinks I am.

When I told him, he said he'll fix it.

I'll let him fix it.

I'll let him try.

I'm not really fully working on it, but it WILL be finished by the end of summer and so will TFT...Hopefully.


So I have been having nightmares for a long time.

the first thing I alsways noticed was the inhumanly pale face, unblemished like smooth plastic.

All that ever went through my mind was run, I didn't care where.

I Just had to do it.

Now he is no linger in my dreams/ Nightmares.

And I am more scared than ever, For the totally wrong reasons.

ONE SHOT: The class retard check list.

This is dedicated to Leanne, and if she ever see's it she will kill me

or Laugh.

I LOVE HER... as a friend.

I'm Working on Jodstar now.


Just a really cute ONESHOT

Cliche and cute, something I did for fun.

well actually I was stuck infront of the computer thinking of TFT and this just came to me

and I was like, a few hours won't hurt anyone, especially as no one reviews...

yeah that was a hint.



Myra: Actually average, and geeky.

Lucian: ... Gaspar Ulliel?

Summer : Kerli Reminds me a lot of Summer.

Miranda : Look alike of Myra in a different way

Lee : Reminds me A LOT of him

Marvin : Smart and OLD.

Angelica Danning : Illusions and Masks.


Frank Sugar is the most ruthless Pirate to ever set to sea's

Jared Mckiah is going undercover to take him down

Little does he know that Frank Sugar is actually...

Countess Janet Frank-Sugar

A beauty trying to runaway from being a beauty.

Captain Sugar/ Frank \ Janet


in a friendly way. =D

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