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fantasy, historical fiction, fiction, historical romance, modern romance

I love reading, writing, listening to music, studying history, watching TV shows. I love watching YouTube channels like The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, ItsWayPastMyBedTime, charlieissocoollike.

I have a fanfiction account under the name 'TheTudorRoseQueen'. I currently am working on a Hobbit fanfiction called "A Shadow of Hope" go check it out! :-)

My YouTube channel is: Alexandra Tudor.


I do have another FictionPress account only because I didn't want to post so many stories onto one account. My other one is under my more "professional" penname: Annika M. W.

I enjoy classics, books by Philippa Gregory, Jeanne Kalogridis' The Scarlet Contessa, JRR Tolkien, other historical romances and fantasy. I happen to love Beowulf and other epic poems like The Prose Edda/ Poetic Edda, and the Finnish Epic poem 'Kalevala'.

Anyway, yeah. I thought my profile needed some work since I haven't updated in forever. Enjoy!


Women of the Royals

This is an epic saga on the lives of past queens of Europe from Guinevere, wife of King Arthur down to Marie Antoinette of France. Follow the lives of the mad, the murderous, violent, blood-thirsty to the fashionista queens of our history. The first part of our tale begins with Juana la Loca, or Joan the Mad of Spain. She is only sixteen when she is sent to Flanders to marry Philip the Handsome. This entire first book will be about Joan the Mad, Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. I haven't decided what the next one will be. But, it will be good!

Coriander's Redemption

Coriander's Redemption is about a young woman in the 1700s England, who has been in love with her childhood friend, Andrew Kennellton for as long as she could remember but then her mother arranges her a marriage with the Duke of Arlington to provide him with a son. She has to chose between one or the other and will it ruin her life and reputation forever?

A Series of Envious Lovers

Takes place in 1800s England. Four people become lovers and the wife of a duke becomes lovers with a playwright while her best friend becomes the duke's mistress. It is roughly based on the movie The Duchess. The duke has his marriage annulled and marries his divorcee's friend who is a novelist. The duke and his former wife are passionately in love with their paramours. How long will they last?

A Musician's Paramour

My latest idea will be posted up quickly. The title, A Musical Paramour, is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a fictitious lover who had disguised herself as a man in order to travel to Vienna, Austria to be taught by Mozart. Things change when he discovers her true identity and has to chose over his wife or student.

What she doesn't know is how she truly feels when she starts falling in love with Mozart and she doesn't know if she can continue to keep her relationship with him.

Other notes:

The inspiration took place while I was studying one of my own Mozart Piano sonatas during my junior year of high school while attending A.W. Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. The Sonata that Elizabeth plays in the first chapter is ‘Sonata in D Major K.284 no.6 in D Major “Dürnitz” (written and composed in the year 1775.)

His other works mentioned in this novel is as followed (also, listening to his music while writing helped throw in more inspiration):

Le Nozze de Figaro’

Symphony No. 35 in D Major, K. 385, “Haffner”: IV. Finale. Presto.’

‘Symphony No. 41 in C Major, K. 551, “Jupiter”: IV. Molto Allegro’

‘Fantasy in D Minor (K. 397)’

‘Piano Sonata in F Major K.332 No. 1 Allegro’

‘Piano Sonata in G Major K.283 No. 5: I. Allegro.’

‘Serenade No. 10 in Bb Major K. 361, “Gran Partita”: III. Adagio’

‘Posthorn Serenade in D Major K.320 VII, Finale; Presto’

‘Piano Concerto N0.19 in F Major, K.459: III. Allegro Assai.’

‘Die Zauberflöte’

I felt as though there is not much known of Mozart himself, only a few rare films [and books] such as ‘Amadeus (1984)’ and now recently the film about Nannerl, his sister, 'Mozart's Sister (2010) which had little inspiration for this novel. So, I decided to create a fictitious life of his unknown past. Other historical people mentioned in this novel are the Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun und Hohenstein, Franz Joseph Haydn who were both close friends with Mozart during his permanent stay in Vienna; and the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II of Austria. Antonio Salieri is only briefly mentioned once or twice throughout the novel and has no major conflict with Mozart in my work. Of course, Constanze Mozart is a part of this novel as she marries Mozart around the few years that Elizabeth stays in Vienna. When Constanze discovers Mozart’s affairs with Elizabeth Phillips, Constanze is beyond furious with the English woman and demands that Mozart gives up his student or then loses his wife. Constanze’s sisters, Aloysia and Josepha Weber are as well briefly mentioned; but, again, have no major role.

The character Elizabeth is a rather bland depiction of a few prodigies and one or two musical savants I have known personally in my own life and hopefully, even if you aren’t a musical prodigy there are possible moments when you can relate to Elizabeth and her relations with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

This novel takes place between the years 1773 to 1790 in the highlights of Mozart’s life. *COMPLETE*

All the King's Women

This is a novel of the French Renaissance during the rule of Henri II and his wife Catherine de Medici. A year after their marriage, Henri is completely unhappy with his new young bride and becomes romantically involved with the thirty-eight year-old widow, Diane de Poitiers. Diane becomes his lifelong mistress and is showered with gifts--the most notable gift, Chateau Chenonceaux in the Loire Valley.

Catherine and her lady-in-waiting turn into rivals and she insist that Henri removes Diane completely from court so there may be no more interference with the young promiscuous king.


A little about my style of writing:

My main focus is Tudor England but I love all history of Europe's most notorious royalty. I am urging to become a historical novelist and hope to help preserve history by turning it into fiction so other people may as well enjoy the fun thrill of royals. I also look to keep the dialogue in time to when the person or people ruled, say like it's the Elizabethan Era, I would make the text so it seems like it was written during that time. And so on.

Before I begin to write, as most historians do or try to do, I always do my research on the backgrounds. I read about them, watch several different interpretations to I can get a sense of who the person was. Anyway, there will be more to add, so please enjoy! Critical reviews are accepted. :)

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