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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
Hey there. I'm Ryane, or as some of you know me, Don or Donny.

Originally, this account was for Don Silvernow, which it still is. But, since I went missing--aka worked on other projects, caught up in school, managed not to get a life--I've officially decided that this account was dead. But, here we are. With Zombie authors. Pretty much, what this ramble implies, is that I've caught how my style has slightly gotten better and changed for the better, I suppose.

I plan to post up more genres and expand my writing a lot more.

Even though I am the epic failure of updating.


Secretly There
Raelig had a very simple, cynical life. She had friends (no matter how few.) And a life (no matter how pathetic.). Still. She was Raelig West, nerd, I-don't-care-about-you Raelig. That is until the weirdest and most unpredictable storm in little Falmouth, Maine has seen whips her step-mother's truck sideways and directly in front of two oncoming cars. When Raelig finally wakes up, it's just not to a new home with her doctor, or to casts, but to a new life. Building up a new Raelig, she's fun, charming, and unpredictably romantic. Just hope she doesn't realise that her past is still secretly there, right in the back of her mind, behind tanned doctors and musical boys.

Current Status: Was on a hiatus, then to be written into a 2.0 version. Now, the 2.0 is on hiatus. May be deleted.

Lock, Free of a Key
The poetic mind of yours truly. A collection of poems written in the Little Red Notebook about the everyday life of a real person.

Current Status: Updated when I come up with a poem, so sparsely updated.

Twisted Path
Blair was the new kid in town, of course. Except she's living in the stormiest, gloomiest, town where rains come like breath. Every second. But, perhaps this town wasn't just created to show everyone in the world that their town wasn't the ultimate suck, but to hide a secret. A secret family, that perhaps, just might be the estranged Svedres boys.

Current Status: Just call it dead. Maybe to be rewritten eventually or something, but right now? Nothing.

So there you go. I'm Ryane, Don, Donny, or that bipolar geek with glasses who pretends a lot.
I live on the Southern East Coast.
I read like the rain falls. Often, fast, and unrealistically.
I absolutely geek music.
I'm scared of fish.
I wish I had someone to compare book mistakes with. So I could see if they have ink spots where I do.
My first ever written novel, the main character died. At sea. By sharks.
I'm obsessed with Peru.
I'm a vegetarian.

"Growing up, it won't bring us down. We're in this together, we'll make it somehow."

And I appreciate Tiny Cooper.

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Secretly There reviews
Raelig spent most of her life with many medical issues. One day, she gets in a terrible wreck that ruins her memory. Now she has to live with a doctor to help her. Will she fall in love or have to leave because she finds her memory again? HIATUS!
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Blair was the new girl in town. Then she meets the Svedres Boys. She begins to learn more things about the family. Could there be a secret that lies within the entire Svedres family? What will happen when she learns about this? Here comes a love triangle
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