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"." by ice.white.queen

Quotes made by yours truly:

1. Love is unreachable until you try. :)

2. Liking someone has its problems. You don't know when there'll be a problem, but expect one or else you'll have one blowing up in your face.

3. Never pretend to love just to gain one from another, because true love is found in life.

4. Love is a mysterious thing, none can imagine how to explain it.

5. Hey soul brother, I want to meet you someday.

Cookies are awesome till they go down your throat.

Favorite religious singing group: Hillsong

Favorite non-religious singing groups/singers: Train, Bi (Rain), MBlaq, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, etc.

Favorite color: Pink

"I like you. I've always been looking at you since the day I stepped into this school." She said nervously, twisting her hair around her finger unconsciously.

"Sorry, you're just not my type." He answered coldly.

Her eyes started to fill with tears and then streaked down her face. She then dashed out of the room.

His friend put his hand on the boy. "You didn't have to be so harsh man."

"I don't like girls who're shallow. She fell for me due to my appearance." He said in annoyance.

It's been like this ever since he went through puberty. He grew a couple of inches, now 5'11, and worked out during the summer two years ago to now have a six pack and muscles on his arms. Girls were now flocking after him like there was no tomorrow.

"Maybe if a girl actually got to know me first instead of asking me out on the spot, I would consider her feelings." He said.

His friend sighed. "Boy, you're a messed up kid. Didn't you see those C cups hanging and that ass? Boy, I would kill for them to be naked with me-" His friend started to fantasize.

"Enough with the picture. I get it, you're horny but I'm not like you." He said.

He wanted a girl who loved him not for his physical appearance but his personality, for his faults and mistakes, someone who accepts all of him. He didn't want a slut, a whore, but a girl who laughs when he trips, a girl who's there when he's going through problems. He would kill for someone to love him for him.

I'll meet her someday, he thought, I just have to wait until time comes.

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