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Hi, my name's Elizabeth. I have a Master's degree and currently hold a job in corporate purgatory. After a long day of wading through meetings, technical projects and office politics I like to unwind by writing silly stories about old school band guys. I do love me some band guys...ahem.

Before I fell down the rabbit hole into this life I used to work in the music industry, mainly in production although I tried my hand at tour management as well. Talk about herding cats...

I'm preparing Million Miles Away and Whiskey Eyes and Morphine Lies for self-publication, so they're going away in Spring 2013. The Kindle versions will be radically different than the free versions available here. I think they're going to kick ass when they're done and I hope people feel that they're improved enough to drop a few dollars on them.

OH! AND! I'm making every effort to personally respond to every feedback message I get. If you take the time to read and review then the least I can do is drop you a note of thanks.


A MILLION MILES AWAY is not a fanfic in disguise, although some of the situations described are taken from real-life incidents. For example, in Chapter 2, the pickup line that Blackie used on Marianne at the Shake Shack was actually used on a friend of mine by Bret Michaels from Poison (Ok, that's the only name I'll drop, not that Poison is that popular anymore o_0). Some of the characters (Blackie, Marianne, Putz Boy and Martin) are composites of real people I know. Others are made up from whole cloth (Jasmine, Jonathan, Ron, Shannon).

ONLY YOU CAN ROCK ME is a MMA tie-in. In the Strange Angels world, Blackie was the first character I came up with, so he deserves his own origin story.

Chris "Blackie" Blackwell

Jon Fox

Link to DeviantArt sketch of Jasmine

TAKE THESE CHAINS: Also not a fanfic in disguise - technically. Ironfist is fictional although Nikas is loosely based on a R/L Metal musician who is fairly well known. The R/L person's abusive tendencies are somewhat legendary in certain circles. Unfortunately I've seen for myself what he's capable of. This story is dedicated to "K" - one of his victims who got away before she got sucked in too deeply. The story is not meant to be a morality play, just an account of what some people are capable of if given free rein.

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