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Name: Elizabeth O'Malley

DOB: September 4th 1991

Lives: Ireland

Hobbies (Other than writing): Debating, karate, reading and podcasting :)


One Of The Boys: My first and probably my best (despite the crap summary I have for it). I might be sending it away to be published in the coming weeks and if it happens then I'll probably have to take the stuff down.

It centres around Charlie, a sarcastic tom-boy who is basically discovering that she's a bit of a closet romantic. The other main characters are Dan, the boy next-door, his sister Laura who can pull anything off (clothes and other things)and Niall, Charlie's best friend since playschool. Romance, humour a little bit of angst but mostly it's a bowl of fun! COMPLETED PENDING EPILOGUE

Ambassador's Daughter: I'm not sure where it's going but given that there is one embarrassing moment every chapter (if not more!) it should be some fun to write, if not read. Unfortunately at the moment I'm being afflicted with chronic fatigue so I'm finding it really hard to do any writing at the moment but when I do I should have the next chapter up describing Ethan's party.

Centres around Katie who is an Irish girl staying in London with her dad who is the Irish ambassador to England. Other characters are Ethan Grey, son of a Duke and all-round egotistical ass, Will the older guy and Ruby the best friend. Let me know what you think should happen :)

Miss Popularity: I can see this going well. It's going to cover a year which means that unlike One Of The Boys which covered a whole month in detail this will only contain the very interesting bits. I've got so much I want to put down on paper but like above, I haven't been able to write much lately.

The main character is Lily Carlyle, a people pleaser and miss popularity. Nathan has yet to be impressed. In fact, it's closer to utter loathing. Lily has yet to figure out why. Other characters include Aoife, who is a girly girl despite being surrounded by guys, Max, the 'ladie's man' and Michael, the laid-back artist.

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