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Heya, I'm Smoge. Used to go on this site and be a nooblord (See below). Trying to get back into RPing, but really nervous about it.

Ancient Profile from 1,000 years ago below

Hail Travelers! Greetings from the King of Zurotar, In the mighty land of Aquivian.

The Great map was lost long ago, so I will tell the the basic Layout. In the center of Aquivian is, well, Aquivian. Next to Aquivian is a country inhabited by barbarians called Narp. A valley seperates the two countries, which is now called Death Gulch. Beneath Aquivian there is a country called Posses. Inbetween the two Countires is Wolf Knight's Mercenary Camp. Above Aquivian is Desert Pass, a long valley controlled by theives and rogues. The outlaws are led by King Speed, a deserter knight who calls himself the bandit king. After you get through the pass you are In Zurotar, the desert country. Narp also borders Zurotar to the west. To the east is an ancient country referred to as The Plaguelands. Inside Aquivian is a small section ruled by The Knights of the Cobra called Cobra Palace. Across the east sea is Giland. Across the eastern sea there is a rumored land called Corona, but there are only legends of it. Far north is the Northlands, home of the Penguin King, Noah.


All Royal knights were servants of King Adam at one point, and were named after Animals.

Panther Knight: No one knows his true name. he established the land of Zurotar
Dragon Knight: most loyal and powerful of the royal knights, he still serves High King Adam. he is a very powerful Berzerker.
Cheetah Knight: A knight who partially lost his mind. When he regained it he became Dragon knight.
Leopard Knight: A knight who disliked fighting and became a master blacksmith. Unfortunetly, he fell to darkness and became a Spiritmaster named Zachros.
Wolverine Knight: A tactical genius, he left the knights to become a legendary Merchant.
Phoinex knight: A untrustworthy knight was banished and became King Speed.
Wolf Knight: A strong knight who became a mercenary.
Fox knight: a knight who was chosen to be the King of Gilad. He became greedy and revolted. After being beaten, he was allowed to rejoin. He made a pact with an ancient Sea Dragon.

Lost Of Leberai by Rakashael
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