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My Love ©

This is just a simple boy meets girl poem.

Once we talked,
I liked you.
Once we were friends,
those feelings grew.
Two years later we meet again,
you’ve always been there.
We hugged because of sucky lives,
then went our ways.
We started talking less and less,
but I still thought about you through the days.
Suddenly we started talking more,
I guess waiting pays.
Then on Christmas all the waiting paid,
you were finally mine as I was yours.
Now we walk through life,
reaching small stumbles that open new doors.
I love you so much,
words cannot explain.
You are my one true love,
nothing can change my mind.
I hope you feel the same,
I hope your love for me will never fade.
I cannot live without you,
please promise me you'll stay.

- Written by Josie Lauren ©

P.S - This poem was written by me, for the love of my life - † Mr. CJB †