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Lessee... Hello everyone.

I remember finding this site AGES ago, but...never really followed up on it. And then I decided to google it recently because I've been writing again, but it's original, so I wanted to see where I could put it.

Found this place.

And...I'm mostly a user instead of an user... but whatever. xD;

Now that I've found this place, though...I'll probably end up scavenging around and reading all sorts of great fiction. D8

2/12 News - Messed up one of my fingers pretty bad. I feel like writing, so I will, but I might take longer than normal (not that you guys now normal yet). Just giving a heads up! 8'D


Name: Online I'm usually Jotaku or variations of it.

What I do: I am an artist, mostly... but I do like to drabble in writing. I know I'm not the best, but my attention to detail usually puts me on the better-than-average scale. (Better than average in the real world, that is... on a place like this I'm probably JUST average.)

What I like to read: Mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuffs with Romance intertwined.

Things to know:
I am a YAOI-FANGIRL! That means, I draw slash, I read slash, and I write slash. I seriously doubt you will find anything drawn or written by me that is focused on a het-pairing. If you don't like this? Well, too bad. Go read someone else's stories. xP

Also! One little note to add: I will NEVER abandon my stories. I may take YEARS, half my life even, but I refuse to be one of those people who start writing and just drop it. Everything I write is thoroughly planned out BEFORE I start and written down. So, even if I drop a fic for a year, I can and will easily pick it up the next year and continue.

I like HAPPY endings! I refuse to read sad ones, and I refuse to WRITE sad ones. And if I ever did...well... I'll make sure to put some random word in it... like... 'SHANK.' lawls That would be a good way to describe an unhappy ending, right? It'll be like a SHANK to the heart when you finish. 8'D I believe I WILL use that, if ever I, for some weird reason beyond my current knowing, decide to write a sad story. Keep an eye out for 'SHANK' in the summaries. Pfft.

Other places to find me:
Art- or

I also have a livejournal, that follows my life as a writer! (Since I doubt I'll remember to update this page often) If you're interested:

Current Stories:

Tyson and the Demon of the Mountain - WIP, Chapter 3 - 0 (I am still in the writing process, then I've gotta type it up. D8 It'll take a while. )


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Ashura, a stressed and lonely young man, ventures into the forest to escape his daily life and visit his beloved plant. …And to, well, get some. Warning: Tentacle Yaoi
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Tyson and the Demon of the Mountain reviews
M/M Sex and Love, in exactly that order- Everyone knew of the demon that lived in the mountain near the village, that it did horrible things to the men sent to slay it and that they never returned. What they, or myself, didn't know was WHAT 'horrible' was
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