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Hiazz everyone!! This is Liberty Iris Bellerose. Yes, this is only my pen name, but I do not feel I should give my real name or anything else out over this. I live in Louisiana, but I find I write my stories in either places I have been to or places I want to go. I enjoy writing fiction stories and also poetry. I have just started with Fiction Press, but I hope I will continue on for a long time... I also hope you would enjoy my stories as I put quite a lot of work into them. Well, I must be off for a bit. Until next time!

Random, But Not Seldom, Sadistic/Funny/Awesome/Possible Romantic Story Moments That Just Spontaneously Sparked In My Thoughts Today... 2/28/09

I looked at him with an indifferent expression. I was hoping he would get my boredom, even if it was seldom with him. I was never bored when he was there. He always found a way to make me laugh or keep me interested in something he said. I guess this moment was different because of the fact that it had been at least five minutes, but felt like an eterinity, since I had told him what happened. He looked at me, confused, obviously. I just blinked at him, waiting for that moment to click. Five, four, three... I hadn't even reached one when he's expression jumped.

"Jesus! What do you mean... What the hell!?"

"Oh, Jesus had nothing to do with it. It was all me." I looked at him grimly, inclining my face low enough to cast a 'shadow' upon my face. I laughed with an evil undertone. Very odd for me, yes, but what I had done was horrible.

"OH! Jesus Christ, Leslie!" He looked at me worriedly then he looked away, preferably the wall behind me. Perhaps I shouldn't have done what a I had, but I certainly liked watching him like this. He shifted his gaze back at me. "This is the time when you yell 'APRIL'S FOOLS' and stop scaring the crap out of me, correct?" He laughed sheepishly, obviously withdrawing from the tension I was creating. ~~Early in the day... Perhaps I shall use this in one of my stories. Aha! Me and my L names!!

I looked at him through my blurred, teary sight. I knew something was different. He was in an act. He was hiding something. I could tell. I had be noticing, well, actually been observing, him. I knew all his movements and indifferent moves. His flaws. It killed me that I couldn't get through to him. I wanted to tap him and say, 'let me in.' I may be able to read people, but it was he who drawed me in with his unreadable percision. I always thought he knew that.

But, no longer did any of that matter. I realized the truth in the eterinity that we were standing, staring into each others eyes. I loved him. No. I was in love with him. I couldn't deny it any longer. Every particle in my body yearned for him. And I wouldn't let go of the truth until I said it.

"Leslie - I'm gay..." He stammered, unknowing that with these words, he broke everything. I felt my heart drop, my pulse skidding to a halt. With those three words, not ones that would be good, I died. ~~The middle of the day... DANG! I am EVIL!! I like the girl though. I might use her in a story. He he. XD Yeah, I used the name Leslie again. Got a problem?

And so the lights dimmed, making it impossible to see what he was doing. At first, only he breath touched me. It was minty. I smiled, feeling it far away against my face. I knew that I shouldn't have been enjoying this. I didn't like him! I couldn't. Only god knows why I would let him do this, but now my heart yearned for it. NO! I didn't say that. I can't, I can't, I -

I felt him move closer, his gaze shifting from my eyes to my lips. Obvious sign here!! No. I can't THIS IS SO BAD!! I could barely see him incline his head thoughtfully, sighing. This time, his minty breath brushed my neck. All I wanted to do was pull him close and - NO! No thoughts like that! Go! SHOO! Meh. I'm screwed, aren't I?

"What's wrong, Leslie? Am I - breathtaking?" Damn it! He was using my words against me! I shouldn't have let him into my story! Wait! What the hell am I saying? I meant let him read my story. My life was not like my story. There was no way my character Shyanna was me. And nor was he my character James. It was enough that he had even perceived himself close to James. I could feel him getting closer to me. No! I didn't see why I could not muster enough anger. God - Wait... Did he just wink at me?

I could feel his hand on mine now. He was griping it softly. No! Please, God, no! But here I was, frozen for no reason... Or was there a reason...? Was I scared. No. Did his touch make my pulse jump? Oh, god. I was falling for him. I was sure he could feel my pulse now, because he's hand had strayed itself upward to my wrist. He pulled me in gently. Crap! I was complying too. God so help me, I needed it severly.

His curious fingers nearly walked up my arm. It was so warm - but it's so wrong! No no no no! I could feel his index finger pull at my bra strap. Jesus, is that all guys wanted to do? I acted unaffected, but I could feel the strain in my hand. I wanted to touch his skin now... ~~End of the day... OHHH!! CLIFFY!! You like? Maybe i will make another story with a Leslie.

Current Projects; -(ABC order)

And Lana Is The Game

Bloody Shards Of Glass - Mostly This Was A New Thing. I Dunno If I Will Continue It...

The Secret Love Between Enemies

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