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Moon Lily91: Female, 23 years old, born on November 09, student in college, gamer, writer

Tumblr: Now you can stalk my blog and ask me anything under the cover of anonymity.

Recent News: I've rewritten the first three chapters of Dragon Carrier and currently working on the fourth one. I must admit that I've been doing a terrible job at working on this story often, much less writing in general.

My stories:

Bella Muerte-- Pronounced "BAY-AH MWER-TEH" A story that is based on Greek mythological monsters and the Greek concept of the Underworld. Life and death are the central themes to it with a touch of humor and action.

Dragon Carrier-- Inspired by the demons of the manga "Naruto," this story is told in the view of a single "carrier," a human that was born with a dragon's spirit within them. Quite angsty, but it's evened out with friendship.