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Greetings, citizens. Here's a little bit about me.

Name: Well, I don't really like my given name, so you can all just call me Ciel, or Ciera, or Cier. Whatever floats your boat.

Residence: Somewhere in the smouldering little islands of Southeast Asia

Age: I'm currently 16, going 17 next year. A senior in high school. (I'm old -_-)

Likes: drawing, doodling, writing, eating, sleeping, and TV-ing

Dislikes: MATH!! and SCIENCE!! (I'd say studying, but then that'd include English, which I don't particularly hate.) Did I mention annoying sissy preps who think they're all that just 'coz they're rich? Yah, those people. Other than that, I pretty much like everyone.

Other Little Things You Might Like to Know About Moi

1. I'm a major laugher - how else would I get over all my humiliating experiences? (and believe me, there are a lot)

2. I'm extremely clumsy - ergo my need for #1.

3. I'm a super talker

4. I'm a slow reader

5. I hate children (Though I do find some cute. Note: some. It's rare, but it happens.)

6. I'm very very very uncomfortable around guys. Think mild phobia. (Is that weird?)

7. I hate fakers. You know, people who pretend to be your friend but secretly back-stab you as soon as you turn around?
Yah, those.

8. I dream of winning an award. (SKoW, TiRO, or the like) One day, I will write a story good enough to be nominated!!

Well, that's about it. I'll add more stuff when I have the time.

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“How do you know that you’ve fallen in love with someone?” She asked meekly. He raised his eyebrows. “I know that I’m in love when I fart really loudly, and the first thought that pops into my mind is ‘damn, if only she was here to hear it’.” one-shot.
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