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hey guys,

so, a little about me.

i'm aryagal, but everyone calls me arya. I'm half asian and i love to read. Yes, i'm a dork, but hey, dorks have so much more fun (:

i'm obessed with green eyes, maybe it's an asian thing, i don't know. I'm also a sucker for bad boys, guys that are dark and mysterious, guys that are arrogant jerks, guys with a mysterious past. Yes, i know, it's very cliche, but i can't help liking it. I enjoy humour and fantasy greatly, even my mom believes in unicorns. (: When i watch movies it makes me feel better when the two main characters are hot, or, at least decent looking, i know that makes me completely shallow. I'm not too into the bestfriend-becoming-boyfriend thing, it doesn't seem real to me. Hmm, what else...i like marshmallows? Cookies n Cream ice cream is the best and a vanilla frapp always makes my day. I love Scottish accents, LOVE THEM. or any kind of accent actually (: I'm not crazy about flowers like some girls are, and i only like dark chocolate. I crack my knuckles and bite my lip when i'm nervous and i'm short. 5'3. I'm an artist. A writer, painter, photographer. i do oilpainting, and sketches, and cartoons.

my first love will always be a pencil. yes i know that sounds totally creepy, but if there's a blank piece of paper lying around, and a pencil, my hand will itch if i don't draw on it.

i believe in aliens, friendship, love, i believe that animals can talk .

i believe that somewhere in the world, someone is saying the exact same thing as i am.

i believe that girls should sit with their legs closed. (:

Mostly, i read other people's stories and review. I'm not that into writing stories with lots of chapters, so i mostly stick to one-shots.

My Stories:

Her Guardian Angel: It's a one-shot so it's complete and done, this one is more mysterious and dark.

A Story About Marshmallows: I'm not sure whether to add more chapters on this one, i think it'll be okay as a one-shot, but i also kind of want to continue it. However, i don't have a single idea about the plot so it might take some time. I'm thinking that it could be good to have a collection of one-shots, but i don't know for sure yet. Oh, and i'm terribly sorry about the grammar and tense problems in the story, i didn't get a chance to edit it yet.

Something That Doesn't Happen Very Often: This one is definatly a one-shot, and it's just an idea that developed when i was on tour in Scotland. I finished this one in a hurry so please forgive me for careless spelling/grammar mistakes. enjoy! (:

So, enjoy?

I love reviews, and please don't hesitate to criticize my work.


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