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Okay so July Time. Well, I'm gonna keep it simple.

(I usually have like a mini survey here but...I don't know...)
Well, hey. I'm the amazing Green Unicorn. I like to write and be me. I love music and reading. I love watching Glee and Criminal Minds. I base my characters off people I know. Never the places though. I make that up in my head(: , hehe. I've always wanted to be an Interior Designer. I either add to much detail, or too little. I mess up on my to, too and two. Well...I have two down. It's the number but, To and Too... I don't know. So bare with me, please? (: I think up all these great stories, with awesome plots, but then I don't know how to do the beginning. So, I never write them. I wish books and stories could start in the middle. It would make writing easier, I guess.

I have four dogs. I've always been a dog person. Whenever I'm upset about something I write it down in a letter to myself. Because who can calm me down better than myself? I plan on reading them in the future and being like "Why was I mad about that anyways?". So, yeah. I save them. I like to tan, but where I'm from it'd be wierd not to be tan. The sun and all. We have two seasons. Summer and Winter. No joke. I love football. I wish I could say my team, but to much unimportant info for you guys. I say yall, gonna, wanna, you guys, like, um and when I write I don't use > '

But when I type I use them, so I don't know. I have crazy reasons for why I like things like Zebras and Purple(:

My friends always laugh when I say them. Why I made up those reasons is a whole 'nother story. I love giving the girls in my stories crazy names like, Trinity, Kaylyn, Becki, Life, Journey, etc etc. So, I feel bad for my daughters, whenever I have kids. They're gonna have some pretty strange names. But hey, some of the boys in my stories have weird names also. Like, Bishop. I really like that name though... I guess my sons better watch out too! (: Haha, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't do that to my kids... Maybe. o.O

Well, that all for this month. See you in August!

P.S : Check my out on FanFiction. Click my homepage! (: See you there!

Green Unicorn

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