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Hi! So, I'm new at this thing we call writing. Or at least writing and getting reviews, but I assure you I am not such a bad writer. I have two small pieces. War Garden that I thought would be a huge hit, but not so much I guess. I'll give you readers time to explore. Anyway, I also have Pack, which I didn't want to continue, but people are actually liking it so I guess all I have to say is.. "On with the show!" My biggest piece right now is a story I'm calling Dummy Daddies and Mind Swept Mummies and I'm working really hard to make it just right. It won't be coming out for probably a month or so, so don't come running to your computer everyday in hope that I'll have posted. What I'm trying to say is, don't write me off just yet. I'm trying. LOL.

So it turns out my computer is being stupid and won't paste anything. That means its going to take longer to do anything. So sorry for the two people that might read this. I'll try as hard as I can.

I'm trying to write again. Nuts I know considering school started and I have way too much on my schedule. Anyway, here is the actual long summary of PACK. Tell me what you think.

When I was just a baby, maybe two or three my mother took me away from my birthplace.

Even at such a young age I knew why she did. You see, my mom wasn't from there. She moved to my dad's town when she was fourteen and when she was sixteen they started dating.

It was the begining of the end for her. A downward spiral until she crashed and burned. They married and had me. Years went by with no sign of anything truley wrong.

My mother just went on pretending like she wasn't different from everyone else. Until one afternoon she just...snapped.

Completely cliche in every way, it was raining when my mother decided to pack up and walk me down to her beat up car. I remember my father stumbling out the front door.

"Roberta, please. Don't do this!"

My mother whipped around to jab a finger in his face.

"How dare you! How dare you try to understand, Thomas! You were the one who was so willing to damn our baby to a lifetime of lonliness and constant obediance!"

"Is that so bad! It whats expected! Thats just how it works in the pack. It is her duty to us!" My mother threw her hands up in the air and stalked towards the car.

"Roberta." It was my grandmother, my father's mother. She had her hands out in a pleading gesture. "Think of Tuaric. Think of his parents. You promised Charlie to them. The children can't break their vows.

The pack was all around us, but a little bit away. Like they were scared my mother might combust if they got too close.

"Screw you!" My mother grabbed my hand and flung the door open. She shoved me in harshly, in her rush. My head was filled with sounds:

My father crying out, pleading, the car door slamming shut, the sound of the rain sobbing onto the car.


It was the alpha, Jace. His voice was the clearest in all the chaos. "She will always be apart of us. Its too late. You can take her away from the pack, but she will always know."

And that was it. She slammed her door and peeled out.

Obviously I changed the plot a bit. Hate me if you must, but the earlier chapter still applies to this changed plot. Tell me whay you think!

~ Alis

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I was in a mad rush to type this. :/

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