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Age: 20

Gender: Female

I graduated... I feel so OLD T.T

I am no longer a senior in highschool, but I still love anime and manga. In my free time, I like to draw and occasionally write. I'm not really sure what else to write, so i'll make a list of my favorite anime/mangas as well as my favorite pairings.

Skip Beat: I love KyokoxRen!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: I also love MisakixTakumi :D

Death Note: My newest obsession. I can't believe I never looked into watching the anime before recently... I love L! My favorite pairings are LxLight, LxMisa, MatsudaxSayu, and MattxMello.

CLANNAD: My newest obsession, as of 9/13/12. Although, I've been obsessed with it for longer, but I forgot to update my profile _; I love Nagisa and Tomoya! They're so cute together, and the way Clannad is depicted in the anime is just beautiful. I hope the manga and visual novels will come out in English sometime in the future, before I die =D

PLEASE REVIEW MY STORIES!!! There! I hope the all caps and bold got everyone's attention... But, i'd really like reviews... They give me a little something to be happy about, and proof that people actually read my stories and don't just accidentally end up on a random chapter. So, please? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? (Even though I hate cherries... XD)

Btw, I also have a dA account where I have Lucky, Unlucky Clover and for the previews, I have tinierme dreamselfy's that are made to look like different characters from the story. Here's a link if you're interested.


Also, if anyone wants to guess what happens next or talk to me about my stories, give me ideas for new ones, and stuff, just pm me, 'kay?

NOTE: I am currently in need of a betareader for my story, "Lucky, Unlucky Clover". If you, or anyone you know, are interested in being a beta for me, please send me a message via PM. Also, it would be very helpful, because it will likely speed up my updating. For any potential betas, I'm looking not only for someone to check my work for any errors and inconsistencies, but to also let me know if the story flows well enough. I'll accept suggestions for adding to, or removing from the story. Thanks for considering being my beta _

Also, feel free to stay updated by following Clover Fields on facebook and follow this link:

(Wow, this is way old 7/13/14) UPDATE 8/27/12:

NOTICE: I have a more edited (self-edited) and updated version of Lucky, Unlucky Clover on this website I just discovered. I'll post the link below. I'll keep the version on here the same, but the one on writerscafe is more like a non-explicit version. I'm hoping to gain more readers by lessening the rating to that of Teen. The only thing that's "bad" about it is mentions of rape, strong language at times, and other situations that may or may not arise later on.


EDIT: I updated fictionpress' version of Lucky, Unlucky Clover so it is not non-explicit. Therefore, the rating has gone down to "T". Hopefully, I'll get more feedback now, and I'd like to thank all those who have read and reviewed thus far.

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