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Hey, I'm Maegan. I do write mostly vampire based stories simply because I love the idea of an after-life. They are some of the funnest characters to write because they don't care what rules they break as long as they do what they want.

"What Else is There" is the story of a young vampire named Camilla. Turned by David, a vampire with the powers of suggestion and mind reading, Camilla thought she had a good after life. Until she met James. Then she began to question her true feelings for David and how James might change her life. I'm trying to prove that even the soulless can find true love. My first few chapters are co-authored by Fp author Funhat although she was taken out of the project not long after. I will leave her the credit in the chapters but nothing more. Please keep in mind that after I go back through and edit many of her parts will more than likely be taken out, so this is only relevant right now. I'm sorry it is taking me so long to edit everything, I just have several things going on right now. The M rated chapters are slowly becoming PG-13, sorry to those who were only reading it for that. It's just where I am now with the story, compared to where I was are two very different places and I don't find it appropriate any more.

"What if I Never Got Clean" is about a teenage girl name Acelynn who is living a life battling depression, cutting herself, and doing any kind of drug she can find. It is a very sad and depressing story.

The two following stories are no longer being worked on:

"Six" was started about a year ago and the original characters were based loosely on some of my friends and I. The original story is about a coven of six well known vampires who so happened to be known in the under world as "the Six" and own a club called "SYX" which is a cover up for them to hunt freely and not have to worry about being uncovered. Bad stuff happens...blahblahblah. I have since had a falling out with all but one of the character inspirations and so I lost interest for a long time. I have no plans to continue Six because sadly all of those characters don't want to be in this story anymore. I am going to take them and branch them out. Breathe a bit of new "life" into them.

My other story is called "Never Thought I'd Love You." Caroline and Max had been friends forever, and planned to keep it that way. They were even living together after the graduated from High School and got their "real jobs." Max had come out in middle school, but Caroline still stood by her amidst the rumors of their "involvement" with each other. Caroline never felt that way about Max, but had no idea that Max had those feelings for her. When Max's secret is found out, can their friendship survive, or will it just burn in the wreckage? I hope it raises the question: How do your friends REALLY feel about you?

New Work:

I am starting a new story called "Finding You." It's loosely based on my last break up and the path I took to meet my now husband. I hope you guys like it. It's as close to real as I'm going to get without crossing any privacy lines. I am taking a month off from school so I will try to work on it a bit more. The chapters are going to be a bit long because I am going to try to get this one published.

Comments and reviews are more than welcome and greatly appreciated. I appreciate all of you guys for taking the time to actually read my work!


It's still taking me awhile to get around to everything, and I'm very sorry, you guys. I haven't forgotten about you. I have just been dealing with some stuff right now. I was diagnosed with cancer back in February and so all of my time has been focused on that. So, naturally, my writing has suffered, but I hope you guys will kind of watch and look for new stuff, because I'm not out of the game yet ;)

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