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My name is Chelle, and I'm a female. I love happy endings in stories and it really annoys me when a story ends badly. I believe you should write for yourself and not for others. I've got a terrible habit of reading the end of a story before I've even read the start.

Dreaming of Billie Winters - 33 chapters, complete.
This is the first story I completed on this site. It's a story about a girl named Nerys, and her relationship with a boy named Billie. It also involves stalkers, fake relationships, bullies, crushes and family...I'm proud of the story and I'm incredibly grateful to everybody that has read and reviewed it.

Cameron Roe Is A Pervert - 25 chapters, complete. Epilogue not up yet.
This is a sequel to Dreaming of Billie Winters. This time the story focuses on Nerys' friend Sian, as well as a school radio show, Lady Gaga, boyfriends, music, and boyfriends. This one has definitely been a journey of sorts, and I'm sad that it's over. I'm going to be working on the epilogue in the next few weeks.

A note: I was going to write a third story, but that's not looking very likely now. I'd never rule it out completely. As I said in my author's note in chapter 24, I'm currently expecting a baby in December, so I'm not sure how much I could juggle another novel-length story considering that. But...you never know. Maybe. I might go for a serial story which is like a series of connected oneshots, drabbles, that sort of thing. So I'll just have to wait and see.

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Cameron Roe Is A Pervert reviews
- "This one’s for you, Siân." Everyone seems to have the same opinion of Siân and she's tired of it. She wants an actual boyfriend who's not like the others. Unfortunately fate has other ideas. COMPLETE
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- "I’m happy with the girlfriend I’ve got, thank you very much." Meet Nerys Powell. Never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never been at the center of attention before in her whole entire life. And then she meets Billie Winters. COMPLETE
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- "Looking forward to the trip, Shelley?" Shelley, the antisocial new girl, is spending 4 days in France with a bunch of people she doesn’t like. And then there’s Nathan Bishop, who won’t seem to leave her alone... DISCONTINUED.
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- "Honestly, it’s not that I hate him. Really, I don’t." He's in love with her, the blue-haired beauty, but she hates him because he's so arrogant. Or so he thinks. 100 word piece. ONE SHOT.
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Lost and Found reviews
- "Well, thank you for giving me my book back." Kieran and Sara bond over a joined love of a particular Canadian singer-songwriter after her finds her notebook in the school library. ONE SHOT
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- "I’m a very selfish person. And so are you. We both know it." She should never have stopped him. She should have just left it at the kiss. Life would have been so much easier from then on if she’d done what she should have. ONE SHOT
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