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hi guys! the name's Teresa.
most of you have probably already met me via email or reviews. i'm on the site for a few hours each day, living in the inuyasha and kenshin sections :)

let's see. well, for starters i'm 19 years old, blonde, blue eyes, 5'3", 110 lbs., live in California, and am attending a JC for my AA, then i'm moving to a university in a couple years. that's the plan, anyway.
i speak english and japanese fluently.

I love AU Inuyasha and kenshin fics best!!!

my favorite couples are
InuYasha and Kagome (INUYASHA!!)
sanjiyan and Yakumo (3x3 Eyes)
Lina and Gourry (slayers)
Ranma and Akane (any otaku knows this)
Carrot and Tira (Bakuretsu hunters)
Kain and Canal (Lost Universe)

i can never get enough of any of them.
plus i'm a huge sucker for a fic about kenshin and hiko training, and in the bakamatsu. if anyone has a good idea for the next chapter of Painful Secrets, please tell me! i'm not really sure what to do with it, and i don't want to ditch it totally cuz you all like it! i need to get the ball rolling again! thanks!

Promise and The Art of War are not mine. They were written by Elizabeth. i found them at the turnpike. but they're not up, and they've been out there for a while, so i thought i'd finally do it. if the author disagrees with my actions, i'll take them off! :)

NE NE NE! Teresa is bored with having nothing to write, and she can't think of anything worthwhile. give me some suggestions, ne? WAI WAI! help Teresa, ne?

PS. whoever wrote 'Tetsusaiga's Curse', it's an AU inuaysha fic, please put it back up! i cried when that was taken off!