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I'm awesomeness and i'm so awesome that I'm awesome

I know that makes no sense but you can ask all my friend (by the way my BEST friend has a account on this website you should check it out. Her user name is selbe)

and they will say that 99.99999999999999 of the time I don't make sense.

Well here is more about me!:

Name: I don't need to tell you

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: blueish-green

Age: 12

Dream job:cartoonist (YES)

Fav. color: yellow

favorite thing to do: draw/ write stories

favorite song: I don't like music that much

favorite t.v. show: mythbusters/ed, ed n' eddy/ The grim adventure of Billy and Mindy

Favorite video game: All the harvest moons

number of siblings: 2 (one older sister and 1 older brother so I'm the youngest!)

favorite subject: Social studies

favorite animal:piggies!

favorite food: pizza

so that's me!!

P.S. I also LOVE manga!!

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