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I'm new here! My pen name was random- just typical crazy-ness. I like to write short stories and poems (poems SOMETIMES.) There WILL be slash sometime on here, so if you are opposed to that,no "eew it's sin" flames- I'll be civil if you will. Wow... I'm becoming serious... :0.

I really like to write funny things. There's so much "sad" around that we all need to find something to laugh about. Of course I will write dreary sad things, which are just as fun to write but don't have the same craziness as writing a story about a vampire in a time machine. (NOT TWILIGHT!) My poetry is mainly all sorts of different things! Unpredictable! My plot bunnies are numerous.

Likes: Music! (Country, reggae, J-Pop, musicals :D ), history (you will be seeing historical stories- what you know plus all the craziness you could not imagine), Mexican food (as the lolcats would say, omnomnom), animals (fur coats make me sad:(...), fashion/costume designing (Oh who cares if someone thinks it is shallow, I think it's fun), baking, foreign languages (Hola bonjour yasu gday jambo privet alo guten-tag konichiwa ni-hao namaste HI!), wintertime, flowers (orchids & hibiscuses), satire (Not just really serious satires, but ones that you can LAUGH at), finding beauty in things,purple, activism...

Dislikes: Hate (oh wow let's have an obvious one here), when people use "gay" and "retarded" as insults, natural disasters, snobby elitist people (social class, what school you go to, background- there are more important things in people), emo mary sues/ gary stus ( I think this speaks for itself), overly hot and humid weather, game hunting, exploitation ( sweatshops, unfair trade diamonds, child soldiers/slavery, forced labor...), hangnails (grr...), trashy reality shows, lip liner...

Not Yet Come: It could generally be about a lot of things- it wasn't superspecific for a reason. But it's mainly a view-from- the- top thing, I guess. Satirical in a way. The title and some lines are Bible refrences. (Yeah, a slash reader who is Christian. Not that rare ackshelly) It came to me one day out of nowhere.

We're The Kids In America: This I guess is pretty self explanatory. Starting out it was a political poem in general about our world today compared to other places, but then I realized I was writing all about the youngsters. I wanted to write a political poem.

Links: Remember Neda here. http:///

Lolcats-Awesome. http:///.

baby the stars shine bright. Pretty. http:///

Great, great book. http:///wiki/The_Handmaid27s_Tale

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