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- Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.-

-Sylvia Plath


I'm Vicky and I love writing. Writing is my life!

I hope you like my stories, and remember to leave a review. Any comments or constructive criticism mean the whole solar system to me. I am currently returning reviews for my stories I will review your work back) and I try to make my reviews as detailed as possible. If you have a particular story you would like me to look at, please let me know. Also, send me a PM if you want to start a review trade, which I am also happy to do. I love reading your stories! I am an avid reader and am particularly a sucker for romance, mystery, and anything a little bit weird. The quirkier, the better!

The Mute and The Liar

I was normal. Completely normal. Apart from the fact that I haven't spoken for seven years, and that I'm obsessed with solving crimes I find in newspapers. So there I was, minding my own business and leading my perfectly "normal" life, when the leader of a youth gang decided to break into my house, steal my salad and, oh yeah, kidnap me. Great! Just great!

Thank you so much for all of your reviews and support of my story The Mute and The Liar. I would not have been able to keep writing and editing without all of you guys and all of the help, advice and encouragement! I am just so, so grateful. Thanks a million! I am very proud to announce that the book is now available on Amazon and Lulu and as an ebook on both websites. I would really recommend giving the new version a read - the book is radically different now - it's gone through some serious editing! It's practically a different novel to the one I posted on here all those years ago!

The Mute and the Liar is a teen/ young adult romance novel, however also falls under the genres of mystery, thriller and teen crime. It is romance, essentially, but grittier, darker, threaded with mysteries, twists and turns. Let me know what you think of it if you give it a read!

Here are the links:

http :// www . lulu. com/shop/victoria-best/the-mute-and-the-liar/paperback/product-21887280.html

http :// www. amazon. com/The-Mute-Liar-Victoria-Best/dp/1326073796

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Other links

The book was featured on Project Fiction! http :// projectfiction. org/genres/edgeofyourseat.php

It was also nominated for and won Round 13's Most Creative Plot SKOW award! http :// /win.php?past

I am so thrilled with both of these. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted. Your support has been incredible!

A Little Birdie Told Me

Mira Jarvis knows everything about everyone. She is the heart of every rumour, the first whisper of every secret. Popular, vain and spiteful, she seems to have it all, including the editorship of the school newspaper. In a world where secrets spread like wildfire, why is it then that no one knows anything about hers?

I am also the proud mother of my other baby - A Little Birdie Told Me, which I wrote when I was fourteen and finished aged fifteen. It is a sweet, often funny, unflinchingly honest and delicately-written novel about friendship, family, first love, healing from wounds and letting the past go, which, I hope, girls aged 11-14 will love.

Here are the links:

http :// www. amazon. com/A-Little-Birdie-Told-Me/dp/1780033540

http :// www. goodreads. com/book/show/16815677-a-little-birdie-told-me


So the guy I have been stalking for the past few weeks fell from the heavens, landed on top of me and nearly killed me. That's fate telling us we're supposed to be together, right? He doesn't seem to think so.

I am currently focusing all of my attention on Yellow, and I am aiming to update once weekly. It is much lighter than my other books, so I am not really sure what has happened to me and why I have suddenly turned soppy. :p I am returning all reviews for Yellow!

For any stalkers out there

Writing is absolutely my whole life. I know all writers say that, but for me, it absolutely is; it's the only thing I have any interest in and I feel like I can do. And, most importantly, it makes me happy!

I have long, deep conversations about existentialism with my cat.

I am the best procrastinator in the world.

I can sleep for an inhuman amount of time, which is definitely a talent.

I am currently studying English Lit at uni, as well as working part-time as a professional filer/ email-sender/ tea-maker. I make a lethal cup of tea.

Thanks for visiting my page!

All work by Victoria Best (id. 657454) is copyright under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Their adolescent relationship failed & following graduation they lost touch. He remained in their hometown & started his life. She roamed wherever life took her & as she usually does,she self destructs,running from uncomfortable situations & failed relationships. All this running eventually takes her back to her hometown, to her erratic family & to him.[REVISING]
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/Story Removed/
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Avian reviews
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